Nigerian jokes: this fat lady story would make you laugh hard

Want to have a good laugh? Read this funny Nigerian joke about the fat lady.

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Love funny Naija jokes? They make you laugh till you cry. This one would make you laugh and you can imagine it happening to one of the girls you know or to your aunty. Laugh and enjoy yourself. Next time you will know what to answer when someone asks you if she is getting fat!

Funny Nigerian jokes – the fat lady story

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Imagine two ladies sitting on the door step. One says to another:

“Hey, are you getting fat? I think you are getting fat!”

The other replies:

“Me? I am not getting fat. I just get tall and plump, I add some flesh, but I am not getting fat!”

The fat lady calls for a passing by girl and asks her:

“Am I getting fat?”

The girls reply is hilarious! She says:

“Aunty, you are not getting fat… because you are already FAT! I know 5 fat people here and you are 3 of them!”

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That smart girl is so funny! Laugh hard and share it with your friends to enjoy a good Nigerian joke together.  

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