Second child in Igbo culture: what’s so important about them?

Why is second child so important for the Igbo tribe? Learn more about the local culture.

Igbo culture

In the Bible the first child in the family was of special importance. However, in Igbo culture things are different and the 2nd child has a special place and value. Let’s find out why.

Igbo culture: the second child tradition

In the tribe they name the second child Orlu. This name is given regardless of the kid’s gender. They have many other names for such children, including ulu nwa. As a rule they name them after their mother’s grandparent.

These people are respected both at the village of their birth and in the maternal village, too. These kids are not given as many responsibilities, as the first born ones. They are more cherished by their parents. The similar thing happens in the Western families with the youngest sibling.

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They are pampered and loved well, but usually are not loaded with work or duties around the house. This is one of the Igboland traditions and not all the local tribes share it. However, knowing more about the local cultures of the tribes helps us understand each other and respect in a deeper way.

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