The Game of Thrones: Did Episode 10 meet your expectations?

The Game of Thrones provided one of the best set of entertainment! The hundreds of characters, more death and glory combined with a twisted plot! What else can provide viewers Episode 10 of the Games?

The Games of Thrones

The Game of Thrones is one of the most iconic dramas television series that the USA has provided to the world audience. Viewers from all places of the world watch the series and wait for what can happen next? The Game of Thrones was popular for a complete set of the army of characters, twisted plot and lot of death of main characters. It`s hard to predict whether your favourite protagonist will die in the series, continue to live, became a living corpse or just become a lonely wolf. The episode 10 of 6 seasons provided the audience with the complete massacre of many characters. It`s predicted that somebody has to die in The Game of Thrones every Sunday at 9. The range of death is enormous and includes Tommen, the High Sparrow, Walder Frey, Loras, Margaery. It`s all long before the navy of Daenerys comes to play and true parentage of John Snow reveals. Nevertheless, Queen Cersei ascended to the Throne, what else to expect from The Winds of Winter?

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House Lannister

The Games of Thrones

Lannister always pay their debts! The audience expected that sooner or later the Cult that runs King`s Landing city will have something in return from Cersei. Loras Tyrell confessed about his crimes about laying with other men, like Renly Baratheon who was named the traitor. Loras Tyrell wished to join to the servitude of The Seven and lead a celibacy life. With the episode The Winds of Winter, the Mad Queen Cersei returns her full power and with one blow of green and highly flammable wildfire destroys the court in the Sept of Baelor with all saints inside. Unfortunately, Tommen couldn`t stand from these deeds and leaps to his death with no crown on his head. The Mad Queen sits on the Iron Throne upon the ashes of The Seven.

House Tarly

The Games of Thrones

The happy family of Sam and Gilly with their baby little Sam managed to safely come to The Citadel. Sam is proud to introduce himself as a trainee and go through masterhood. This little fellow has come to fill his thirst of knowledge from the great library. Unfortunately, Little Sam with his mother has to stay outside and await the return of the father.  

House Snow

The Game of Thrones

John Snow is a famous bastard whose returning has been awaited by many. He returned from the dead and now poses a serious threat to the reign of Lannister. What is peculiar about the House Snow is reuniting with Sansa Stark. Sansa has changed from previous episodes and now grown into a mature woman. She is not an object of the Game now but a player. Sansa managed to borrow some cruel methods of killing enemies from her ex-husband Ramsay. Especially gruesome was a scene from previous episodes when she feeds Ramsay to his hounds. For now, Snow and Sansa are together to find shelter in Winter that has come.

House Tyrell

The Game of Thrones

The Sand Snakes desire to play a new game against Lannister and invite Lady Olenna to join the new cruelties. The TV viewers expect new deaths from the house of Lannister in seasons to come.

House Targaryen

The Game of Thrones

Daenerys ids Queen that everyone likes. Viewers saw her growing from a little girl that was traded by her brother for an army of barbarians. Now, she is a fully ruler of her people and desires to claim The Iron Throne. Daenerys prepares to set seals on the North and brings an army with her. Tyrion alerts her that by coming to the North she will become a part of the very cruel game. For the greater cause of her beliefs, she decides to strike to the North.

House Stark

The Game of Thrones

Supposedly, with the return of John Snow and Sansa, the Starks will return back from ashes. In The Winds of Winter, John Snow is proclaimed to be a King of North. Nevertheless, there is no house without enemies and one of them for Starks is lusting Littlefinger who couldn`t forget Sansa and harass her every time he enters the scene.  Still, Starks returns in the next episodes and will gladly have a revenge for their House.


The Game of Thrones

Everything is not so trivial in The Games of Thrones. With every episode, it`s expected to see new exciting manoeuvres from the houses. The viewers expected to see the blowing up of the cult of The Seven that provided the threat for Lannister. John Snow returned as The King of The North and Sansa had her revenge for toying with her in the game but did Sansa have full revenge? What about a sexually deviant Littlefinger? The Game of Thrones keeps dragging viewers’ attention to the risky plots of seasons and episodes to come and the Game becomes more intense as Winter is here.

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