Top 10 photographers in Nigeria

Today anyone with a smartphone can become a photographer. However, the true art of photography is amazing and requires talent. Check out the 10 top pros in this area.

Being an old practice, the art of photography has managed to gain big fame in the modern world. Not only professionals, but also plain people and amateurs are interested in it. People buy cameras and take it with them everywhere. Some of them are just having fun, while the others get really keen on it. The latest want to know top 10 photographers in Nigeria in order to become like them.
photographers in Nigeria

Before finding out more information about top 10 photographers in Nigeria, you need to know about the practice itself. Thus, it is also considered a science and an art of creating images. You record light or any other electromagnetic radiation either electronically or chemically.

Styles of photography

There exist various styles of photographs. They are strongly connected with the types of photographers, which we are going to see below. Common styles include:

  • Landscape photography.
    Pictures might be taken in the city or on the beach. Some distant places of wild nature are very popular. Forests, mountains, rivers, and many other things are available for this style.

  • Wildlife photography.Top 10 photographers
    It is sometimes called the genre of adventure. Many of photographers, who apply it, can often get in danger. Photos may be shot in jungles or other exotic places. Wild animals are of a great interest for them (lions, snakes, wolves, and so on). It is dangerous but extremely exciting at the same time.

  • Sports events.
    Such images mostly deal with high action of dramatic moments in a race or game. The kind of lens used in it is essential, because you need to achieve very high quality (telephoto one is usually applied). Besides, the location of the photographer has its impact on the result. Very often, the emotions of the players are shot as well.

  • Photojournalism.
    It is knows as visual storytelling. The two most important things here are social and cultural connections and context. This style is usually based on the current events (you may see them, for example, in the news). Pictures may tell a story of how people live or which troubles they have (for instance, after the hurricane). All you need is to select a certain event.

  • Fashion photography.Nigerian photographers
    Such type of photography in Nigeria should have elegant and stylish effect on the reader. Every photograph must be a piece of art. Creativity is inevitable part of it. The interaction with models during the process might be necessary.

  • Black and White.
    An artist can apply this style to create abstracts or other pictures. No special equipment is needed for the genre, but processing and printing quality are essential. Special emphasis must be achieved as well. To reach the purpose, a photographer may need both wide-angle and standard lenses.

  • Paparazzi.
    Such style is quite challenging and exciting. It is connected with the glamorous field of photography. The key thing is that you have very little time to take a photo. At the same time, it must be qualitative and nice. A celebrity may or may not agree to pose for you.

Types of photographers

If you really are interested in this visual culture, you should know about various types of this profession. The list of the most widespread types contains:

  • Fashion.
    It is obvious that they deal with fashion photography. They shoot products or models, who promote anything (clothing, cosmetics, and so on).

  • Wildlife.
    This type captures wild animals. Close-up pictures are very beautiful and popular.

  • Aerial.
    They shoot from a very high point (a mountain or a skyscraper’s roof). Photos are just wonderful and make you think you are at the top of the world.

  • Pet. photographers in Nigeria 1
    To become such photographer, you must love our little brothers more than people. It’s necessary to be patient as well.

  • Architecture.
    If you aren’t ready to work with people, try this one. It’s also good for those, who are fond of culture and art.

  • Action.
    Like sports events? This type is just for you then. It’s also possible to shoot anything in action.

  • Event.
    For those, who prefer to be in the very centre of anything – it is a perfect job. Birthdays, parties, and other events are available for you.

  • Landscape.Top 10 photographers in Nigeria 2
    If you prefer tranquility and the beauty of nature, choose this very type. It also helps to relax.

  • Astrophotographer.
    It is a rarer profession. You must have a really wide angle lens to take such photos.

  • Macro.
    There professionals show us the beauty in details. No tiny thing can get away from them.

  • Baby.
    Pretty little things. Now you know there are those who specialize in shooting them. If you love kids, it’s just for you.

  • Family.photographers in Nigeria 5
    To have a nice picture of all your family members, hire one of such photographers. They usually know good poses and may give you advice on how to sit or what to do.

  • Travel.
    It’s a job of a dream for those who like travelling. You’ll see so many different places. Moreover, you will get paid for it.

  • Nude.
    To take a nice photo of a naked body is definitely an art.

  • Wedding.
    Nice pictures of bride and groom, special poses and places – the photographer should know all these things. Wedding photographers in Nigeria are extremely popular.

  • Paparazzi.
    They shoot celebrities. It might be quite stressful, because you need to follow them everywhere. Besides, many people don’t like such photographers, as they interfere the private life. Most of the images are unexpected.

Best photographers in Nigeria

The list of the following professionals will probably inspire you to become one:

  1. Adeola Olagunju.photographers in Nigeria 3
    She is a rising photographer. Her popular series is called Resurgence: A Manifesto. She uses black and white style.
  2. George Osodi.
    This photojournalist is well-known far beyond West Africa. His works have had great influence on all the industry of Nigerian photography. He takes kind of apocalyptic pictures. Being born in Niger Delta region, he has released a momentous book with the images of flames, smoke, and devastations. His recent photos are connected with the Nigerian culture.
  3. Ade Adekola.
    He shows dynamism of the urban life. One of the best known works is called Icons of a Metropolis.
  4. Aisha Augie-Kuta.photographers in Nigeria 5
    She won the Future Award for Creative Artist of the Year in 2011. She specializes in portrait shooting.
  5. Andrew Esiebo.
    He’s a visual storyteller. Urban scenes and everyday life are on the focus.
  6. Lakin Ogunbanwo.
    His pictures are characterized by striking color, light and angles use. His field is fashion photography. His works are quite provocative. They have been exhibited in Lagos Photo Festival, Art 14 in London, and the Rooke and van Wyk Gallery in Johannesburg.
  7. Emeka Okereke.
    He is a travel photographer. During the latest trip in 2014, he traveled across 20 countries and made 40 stops from Lagos to Sarajevo.
  8. Yetunde Ayeni-Babaeko.photographers in Nigeria 10
    She is interested in Yoruba culture. She’s taken plenty of pictures of females in mystical costumes in order to recreate the Nigerian deities and folk-stories.
  9. Uche Okpa-Iroha.
    He captures social issues. His works have already attracted international attention.
  10. Uche James-Iroha.
    With his great experience, he is called the leading light for all the Nigerian photographers. He has won several awards throughout his career, and he supports young artists as well.

Art of photography is very famous and celebrated in Nigeria. You can also reveal your talent and make your own contribution to this industry. Pictures are able to uncover urgent problems and raise people’s awareness. Besides, it is a way of expressing yourself and showing the beauty of the world.


Now even small child is a smartphone with a camera. Photographed in my opinion should be very attentive and gifted man. In anything you want to see and wonderful to be able to photograph it. Looking at the photo in the paper realize that the talents of photographers capital letters. Not everyone sees such trinkets. Each picture is something beautiful. I especially liked the photo which shows two ants around droplets of water. Very fine. In everyday life do not notice the beauty of the world. Photographers transferred even people's feelings, whether joy or sadness. From the article learned about style photographs. Now I will try and create a great photo.

Answered 2 years ago.

photography used to be considered very beautiful creation, because then it was just starting to emerge and not many had cameras. Now there are many gadgets with cameras, expensive cool cameras, but few perceive the process of shooting art. These are real photographers. It is important for them to capture emotions, the beauty in the pictures, passing on pictures of all the impressions done, so the audience it was interesting to see the resulting masterpieces of photography. This is an amazing art.

Answered 2 years ago.

I like photography. It is art, be able capture life in stop point. I love conceptual photography, who conceived idea and meaning. I also like black and white portrait. They are sincere and live show is perfect person on other side.

My friend is beginner photographer, it is lot of learning, working, and wants become true professional. I helped her on several photo shoots, and I know, that this is hard work, when you have few hours taking pictures, select successful angles and lighting. But, then so nice share their creativity with others.

Answered 2 years ago.

In fact, all my life I have been wanted to be a photographer. So, smartphones allowed me to be him. I have an account in instagram and there I load variety photos. My favourites are connected with travelling, family and pets (as you said in your article). I have never heard about "Best photographers in Nigeria". Anyway, I would like to learn more information about them. Lakin Ogunbanwo is more interesting for me, because I like "fashion photography" with a provocative subtext. Thanks for your useful article.

Answered 2 years ago.
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