Top 10 sexiest movies of all time

Love movies? Get the list of 10 top films on sex. Hot, hot, hot collection! Must watch now.

You want to see any hot film, but don’t know what? See these top 10 sexiest movies of all time!

Top 10 sexiest movies of all time

Sexiest movies ever

1. Basic Instinct

The list of sexiest filmsopens famous erotic thriller was released in 1992. For a role of the main character, sexual and impudent writer passed through hearing more than 14 actresses. Among them were Kim Basinger and Julia Roberts. As a result, Sharon Stone, whose popularity after an exit of a motion picture has strongly grown, landed for a role.

Basic Instinct

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2. Femme fatale

This film is also included in sexiest movies list.The speculator Laura dexterously steals diamonds and disappears under the identity of the girl, similar to her, who has committed suicide. 7 years pass. Criminal world rushes into life of Laura, who quietly enjoys life under other name, again.

Participation of Antonio Banderas can give sexuality to any movie. And what will turn out if he gets the smart beauty blonde Rebecca Romijn as the partner? ‘Femme fatale’ reminds legendary ‘Basic instinct’. However, creators have added bigger European accent to the movie.

Femme fatale

3. Final analysis

This fascinating thriller with confused plot is one of sexiest Hollywood movies. Richard Gere, Kim Basinger, young Uma Thurman and Eric Roberts are engaged in this movie.

The doctor enters intimate relations with the girl, having literally lost the head from this beautiful and sexy but married woman. Defenseless at first sight, she nourishes the artful criminal idea in her head. The doctor has to help her to carry it out.

 Final analysis

4. Crash

The plot of the movie develops in Canada. The main character, whose role is played by James Spader, faces car. It is driven by beautiful stranger Helen. In hospital, they get acquainted, and joint experience of the endured road accident kindles passion in them. High speeds, dangers on roads and cars become a sexual fetish of couple.

The slogan of this movie says that it is the most contradictory film, which we will able to see.


5. Fifty shades of grey

It is one of the sexiest movies 2015. It is American melodramatic movie, the screen version of the scandalous and attractive best-seller.

Modern America. Anastacia Steel studies as writer and earns additionally in little shop of household goods. Once the modest student graduate has chance to practice future profession: to interview the brilliant, mysterious & beautiful president of the company Christian Grey.

Contrary to expectations, he finds Ana in her little shop. Gray needs an adhesive tape, ropes and cable fastenings. Shopping, the billionaire darts the studying glances at Anastacia. The girl gives in to gloomy charm of handsome. Acquaintance continues, and naive student should learn scandalous secrets and forbidden hobbies of the rich man.

Fifty shades of grey

6. Half of a Yellow Sun

This is not erotic, but very romantic Nollywood film. Sexy Thandie Newton took part in it. Beautiful Olanna from rich family never differed in impudence as her twin sister Kaynena. However, Olanna decided to leave life full of comfort for the sake of love. Moving to a small town to her future husband, professor of local university, the girl hardly understands that she changes the destiny irrevocably. The rural boy Ugva, who has taken service to the professorial house, didn't guess his life will change unpredictably too.

Half of a Yellow Sun

7. Emmanuelle

The young diplomat's wife goes to Thailand after the husband. The attracting exotic of liberated east country against carefree, beautiful but a little boring life pushes her on numerous sexual feats.


8. Bitter Moon

During a party on ship, Oscar tells to his new acquaintance, the prudish Englishman Nigel, about all details of his sexual life with Mimi. He tells so passionately and fascinatingly that Nigel falls in love with this woman who seems the complete antithesis to his boring young wife.

Bitter Moon

9. The last Tango in Paris

This movie can be described as scandalous. During an appearance the movie really shocked the public, and has been forbidden till 1986 in Italy.

The tape tells about the relations of 45-year-old widower and young stranger whom he meets by chance when she comes to watch the apartment. Couple continues to meet on that flat, in which there is no place to names and romantic talk. After death of the wife he has closed in himself, embittered and seeks to humiliate and seize. She is still too inexperienced and is eager for adventures.

The last Tango in Paris

10. The Secretary

This film is the last in top 10 sexiest films. The young girl suffers from mental deviation: she likes to hurt herself. Moreover, it gives her pleasure. Despite this feature, the girl gets a job as the secretary at strange lawyer. And if at first she really makes coffee and answers calls, then they create surprisingly harmonious sexual relations with the boss (who likes to dominate, as it has appeared).

The Secretary


In my opinion podborochka movies more than successful. Of course, movies filmed for a long time, but a very high level of skill of acting in them. These films are about love, sensual and soulful. I believe that movies are shot in our days, like as have erotic content, but look very, very vulgar on television. Incidentally, the content of this movie is best viewed in tandem with the young man or woman. Because you know) All in all, a pleasant evening and a good all! By the way, if someone knows yet any great romance, do not hesitate to write and I'm very grateful to you, because really there is no decent movies

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Answered 1 year ago.

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Answered 1 year ago.
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