translate the word "selfie" in igbo, hausa and yoruba language.

Selfie has become part of our daily lives.

The interesting thing is how we go from one phone to another in other to get the best of our selfie. With the introduction of selfie stick, selfie itself has become everybody's morning and eveniing prayer. But then how do one explain or pronounce "selfie stick" in igbo, hausa and yoruba to mention a few of other languages in Nigeria.

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How to make selfie stick work

Selfie stick is a new device or gadget you can use to satisfy your obsession with making selfies. It allows you to put a phone at a distance and make nicer photos. You can also use it for other types of photography. The first challenge in making selfie stick work is to fit it to your camera or cell phone.

It has a special clip to fasten it to the phone. You need to secure it well, but gently in order not to damage the phone. Next you need to power the stick by turning on the power button. There would be a LED light on to indicate that the stick is working.

To connect the phone with the stick you need to activate your Bluetooth and find the devices there. You should also activate the “take selfies” mode on your cell phone. Now you can make the photos and use your stick. You can also adjust its length and set the angle.

You can charge the selfie stick using USB.

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selfies do get extremely popular. Scientists even say they become an addiction for many people. It's hard to translate such a new word and idea into ancient languages. you may READ ALSO; Top 10 photographers in Nigeria


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