Voodoo medicine: herbs, oils, dog heads... Is all that effective?

Traditional Nigerian voodoo medicine use dried dog heads and animal body parts, herbs, oils etc. Do you know what are they good for? Or what deseases they may heal? Read the article to find out!

voodoo medicine

Modern Nigerian medicine concerns world trends and many hospitals nowadays are already equipped with good machinery and have many materials to provide valuable healing services.
However, today we would like to take you back to a traditional Nigerian medicine, which has been practiced for many years before what we have today and may be considered crazy and bizarre to modern doctors, the voodoo medicine.

Snake Oil

snake oil

Snake oil is the perfect medication for immediate repair of damaged hair.
It provides a softening effect, restores the beauty of your hair and restructures the damaged ends.

Not only the Nigerians use the snake oil, people all over the world order this product by internet, and we can surely say that sometimes it is even more effective than the products of famous world brands.

Dog heads

dog heads

Dried up, the dog and cat body parts are often used by herbalists to heal a huge specter of human diseases.
Such as piles, malaria and even the back pain!

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nigerian herbs

The stores of a herbal market in Ajegunle are full of different types of mixtures made out of a local plants.
Even Nigerian doctors confirm that some types of local herbs are able to clear oral thrush faster and better than conventional drug.
The herbalists highly recommend them as a measure to fight dermatitis, eczema and scabies.

herbal market in nigeria

As a conclusion, we must admit that the traditional Nigerian medicine is better than the modern medicine (also called English medicine in Nigeria) in many ways. Voodoo medicine is considered to be native and there is no doubt that it will be practiced for many years by the future generations.

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