What are 10 things we didn't know about Tiwa Savage?

Tiwa Savage is currently very popular in Nigeria. Read this article to know more about her private life and career plans!

tiwa savage

   Tiwa Savage is one the greatest modern Nigerian singers. Besides her musical careers she is also a songwriter, actress, performer and loving wife.
   Recently she shared with some of her secrets and life facts with wide society in a new show called the “E! VIP series” – a documentary about some of best entertainers of African region.

While growing up, Tiwa’s mother thought Tiwa might be lesbian due to her tom-boy nature

tiwa savage

Her parents strongly stood their ground against Tiwa’s decision of the career of a musician as a young child.

tiwa savage

Tiwa says that since she was a little girl, she was sure that she wanted to be an entertainer, but African parents didn’t understand her passion. She could only choose one: Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer or one of these. Music was not even an option, so she had to go to school to study business and accounts.

She had to get a job to kick-start her musical career

tiwa savage

After the graduation from university, Tiwa needed some money to launch her musical career, so she was forced to get a day job as a trainee accountant – a job she quit as she fell into a depressive state after getting ‘tired of counting other people’s money’ and wanting to make hers.

TeeBillz, her ex-manager, helped to give her image a face-lift and build the Tiwa Savage brand

tiwa savage

When she moved to America, she went to study music at the Berkley College of music.
“Then I moved to L.A. There are a lot of beautiful people there. Their skin is glowing, their teeth are perfect, their hair is amazing and I’m looking around for someone who doesn’t wax”
Then she met TeeBillz which became her manager and molded her into the Tiwa Savage brand we know today.

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She and TeeBillz fought on their wedding day

tiwa savage

“So we just had this little tiff outside and we are like arguing and everyone is like ‘welcome the beautiful bride and the groom and we are dancing in and he’s just like grumbling and it’s on camera. So everyone watching are like ‘Wait where you guys just arguing so it’s real but there are cute moments and real moments,” She told.

Tiwa Savage doesn’t like writing deep songs

tiwa savage

She claims that she’s not really into writing something so deep that even you don’t understand what you are saying, as the main message might get lost.

The birth of her son Jamil restored her will to work harder

tiwa savage

 “Every time I think of that little man, it’s a mixture of emotions. I’m happy, blessed but sometimes I’m also a little scared. He’s so precious.”

Her motherhood has had an impact on her brand

tiwa savage

“My brand is built on the young, sexy, fresh, sassy, female singer and now I got a few rules here and there. Stretch marks (laughs) but I have to embrace those scars because that’s what reminds me of the miracle that I had.”

 Hard competition in Jazzy-led label

tiwa savage

She said, “I hear rumors of rivalry between artistes in record labels but the love is real in Mavin.”

She has a huge desire to work with American award-winning artists, Beyonce and Rihanna

tiwa savage

“I would love to work with Beyonce. She is married. She has child of her own. She is still hot. Rihanna is that fierce alter-ego we all have in us. In front of the mirror, we all pretend to be Rihanna. So I’ll love to work with Rihanna.”


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