What are brestfeeding traditions in nigerian tribes?

Is it good for the children if you breastfeed them? Find out about how Nigerian mothers do it here.


Nigeria is a wonderful country with its own unique culture and history. Children are really important part of it and that’s why breastfeeding is also a necessary thing.

Mothers love and cherish their newborns. They are also highly appreciated by the society. They symbolize the progress and improvements in future life. It’s always a blessing for the parents to give birth to the child.

What makes our country special is that there’s a special relationship between the mother and her infant. She is always next to him and always takes care of him.

The mothers in Nigeria find it very important to provide their children with the breast milk. They think it emphasizes how close they are with their babies. Children got fed from the mother’s breast until they are old enough to live without it.

There are some special traditions in Nigerian tribes. For example, breastfeeding other children is also possible. However, it depends on people themselves. Some people who are not a part of the tribe do it too.

Breastfeeding positions can be chosen according to the convenience of the mother.


It is also very useful for the infant. It is even better if the mothers breastfeed their babies for at least half a year. They shouldn’t use formula during the first months of the child’s life.

And if it is possible, the mothers can continue doing the same thing for another couple of years. It will be great for the health of the baby.

The mothers are only not allowed to breastfeed when if they have HIV or other contagious diseases. This way there’s always a risk that the kid will also get sick.

But other than that, it is very healthy and it develops the baby’s immune system. All the doctors agree that formula or other kinds of food should only be used if the other option is not possible. They insist on its necessity. So if you doubt it, talk to your doctor and he will reassure you.

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The statistics states that African women are a lot more likely to breastfeed their children than the representatives of other races. That’s good news because it means that women here are very caring and their children are more likely to grow up as healthy and strong people.

If the baby is too small to be able to move without extra help the mother carries him on her back. The women have the special cloth that helps them hold the child.

They even take their children to work and hold them on the back while working if there is no other option.

Caring of the children in Nigeria

black baby

As in any other society, when children grow up they get some responsibilities. For example, they have to start helping their parents with the housework. Four or five year old children are considered to be old enough to be capable of it.

Boys usually help their fathers with some hard work. Girls cook and share their mothers’ responsibilities. By doing this things, children adapt to a real life and learn useful things that will help them in their future lives.

Moreover, no one can choose if they want to do it or not. It is basically required in order to become the real members of the Nigerian society.

But even though the babies are taught to be very hard-working since their very young age, they still play and receive a lot of presents and toys from their parents.

They are not expected to grow up earlier then they’re supposed to. Girls play with the dolls and the boys are usually into sport. For example, football or any other sport.


The parents of a child obviously have a responsibility to educate him.


In some Igbo tribes though the parents don’t have enough time to bring up their children and that’s why they ask some other people to take care of them while they are working. That’s why the families sometimes look not that usual.

Every child in Nigeria is obliged to attend school. However, even though both boys and girls can get education, there are always more boys than girls in the classrooms.

Sometimes the families send only one of their kids to school. It happens because they need a lot of help with the household. That’s why they let the other children stay.

It also costs families less money if fewer children attend schools. And more often, boys got sent to get educations. Girls meanwhile stay home and help their mothers a lot.

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