What are common stereotypes about white people in Nigeria?

What do you think about white population of our planet? Are they different? What do we actually know about them?

white people stereotypes

There exist certain stereotypes, which create the image of a white man. Let’s look at the most common white people stereotypes.

Popular stereotypes

The most famous believes about white population include the following facts:

1. White people look the same. Well, we can often hear such a phrase about Chinese. But the truth is that for Nigerians and other black people, whites look really alike. It is not racism, it is a matter of perception.
2. They cannot dance. If you see white people dancing, you are a lucky one. And if their movements are quite nice, you can put into a Book of records.
white people dancing

3. They are too concerned about the weight and do not eat enough. For black people, it is hard to understand. They will never do such strange thing as counting calories. However, there is the other extreme, when they eat too much, getting bigger and bigger. That is strange as well.
white people stereotypes1

4. White people have no culture. They are too worried about other countries and cultures. They bring parts of them into their own and think that they know much more than their representatives. As a result, they lose their traditions and everything, connected with them.
5. White people ruin everything. Black people got used to thinking that whites are able to destroy everything they touch. It concerns countries, cultures and even a good joke.
6. They drink cappuccino and other coffees with unusual titles. Black people cannot understand that, they prefer only black coffee. All the rest is white stuff.
white people have no culture

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7. Their romance is extremely sentimental and confusing. Blacks do not care about such things; their passion is more animal-like.
8. They often call the police. Never mind, what has happened, they try to do it as quickly as possible. Blacks are not trustful to police representatives.
9. Whites do not smile unless they are being shot for a picture. Funny guys.
10. All of them have a pet, even the allergic individuals. They also try to pamper and feed them as much as possible.

Stereotypical qualities

Besides the habits of white people, there are also several traits, which characterize them, in blacks’ opinion. They are:

  • Hypocritical. The rules for them are different than for all the others.
  • Exploitative. It is both positive and negative quality, as they are like predators for the whole world.
  • Manipulative. They are clever and cunning. They know how to make you do what they want.

white people ruin everything

Of course, all of us have bad and good qualities and habits. It does not mean everyone is a villain. White people are different, but they are still our brothers, and we should learn to live together.

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