What are Lady Gaga's hot cars?

The car Lady Gaga was spotted driving is clearly out of her style. See for yourself!

lady gaga car

Lady Gaga is one of the most outrageous show biz personas. She shocks people by her style, outfits and performances. However, she has a life and there are many interesting facts about her. One of them is the cars she drives.

Hot rides of Lady Gaga:

She’s got many. For starters it’s her red Rolls Royce. It’s a convertible. And she bought it for 30 million UK pounds or 11,730,920,216.60 Naira! She has Audi and fancy sports cars, too. Her fleet of vehicles is large and expensive.

Most of the rides are colorful and fit in her stage image well. However, there is one among them that shocked her fans by being very unusual. It’s classic Chevy El Camino. It’s a classic American muscle car.

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And Lady Gaga looks very stylish in it, too. Apparently she’s got the muscle to drive it! Enjoy the video with all her cars in it.

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