What are scary ancient African myths?

What are the most scary animals and plants, which live on the territory of Africa? What do they do with people? Read the article to learn terrifying stories about the continent.

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Africa is a huge continent where the set of states and nationalities was placed. The territory of Africa makes a quarter of all land. This area is three times bigger than territory of Europe. The most ancient African scary myths had common features. Africa is full of godforsaken places where white person still didn't go. Even locals try to avoid them, and the reasons of these fears have very serious motives.

Scary myths stories


Inkanyamba — is a carnivorous animal, similar to a huge eel, from legends of the South African people of Zulu and Cosa. According to ancient scary myths and legends, Inkanyamba can operate weather. Fresh-water eels are found in South Africa much, reaching nearly two meters in length, but they cannot be compared with huge sizes of legendary Inkanyamba.

Scary myths stories


In 1932, English traveler Frank Melland has told in his book 'In the Captivated Africa' about some flying reptile, which residents of Zambia, Angola and Congo called Kongamato. It has described a monster, which lives near the rivers, often attacks small boats and in general any who incidentally will disturb him. According to pictures from the book, local people have distinguished the being similar to the pterodactyls in Kongamato.


Impundulu or Bird-Lightning is a monster from folklore of people of Zulu and Kosa. This bird of size of the person has power to call lightning and storm. Sometimes it embodies the shape of the person and serves the witch healer. This being is a vampire eating human blood and which nevertheless has a certain gift of healing.

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Popobawa is a demon from Zanzibar and Tanzania. In the afternoon it is similar to the ordinary person, and turns into the monster with one eye and wings as at a bat at night, and is especially cruel with those who don't believe in it. Popobawa attacks both women and men. The first message on attack of this monster has arrived in 1965 from the island of Pemba. Since then time in several years, the new victims are found. In 1995, there were so many attacks that mass hysteria has begun.

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Adze is a vampire from scary myths and legends stories of Ghana and Togo. It can be in shape of glowworm, but if you catch it, then it can accept human shape and stick teeth into throat. But it is possible to win against it in this state. If it will remain insect, it will begin to suck blood of the persons while they sleep, and infect them with a dreadful disease. This part of legend can be connected with outbreaks of malaria. Most often Adze chooses as the victims small children who become sorcerers and witches subsequently if they survive.

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Grootslang in translation from African means 'the huge snake'. The monster with such name lives in one of caves of South Africa. According to legend, Grootslang possessed such power that gods have decided to divide it into two separate look — an elephant and a snake. But two of three Grootslangs was succeeded to avoid transformation and even to bring offspring. This monster can reach 20 meters in length. It is considered that the cave, in which Grootslang lives, is full of diamonds, but nobody can approach them as the monster protects them all day and night.

Cannibal tree

The tree, which eats people, appears in the African folklore. It is described as possessing dense green leaves and when the person or animal appear near it, the tree throws out something like the feelers similar to flexible branches with thorns to take production. After that, it wraps them around the victim, crushing the body, and then eats.

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