What are the best films about African queens?

Do you want to know more about your culture by watching movies? Read this article and find out how you can learn more about African queens!

african queens

The history of Africa is very interesting and the stories of the most important historic figures are totally worth being told.

However, even though African cinematography is really trying to depict the black queens in the movies, they never become world-famous.

The foreign movie makers such as the United States tend to make other kinds of movies about African history.

The main topics of those films are the tough destiny of black people during slavery.

Even though the world really needs to know everything about it, our history is not only about that. We had so many great emperors, pharaohs, kings and queens that were very important for the whole world!

That’s how the African queens’ names should be spread out so that everyone around the world is familiar with our African history that we are certainly proud of.

However, there certainly are some movies that tell us stories about life of African queens.

There are a lot of influential queens in our history but the most famous and loved by everyone in the world is obviously Cleopatra.

Cleopatra African Queen film

Cleopatra is one of the most famous queens in the world. Even though she lived thousands years from now, a lot of books, movies and even cartoons made her so popular that every child everywhere in the world knows her name.

african queens

However, most of the films don’t show her ruling in Egypt as the most important events happened not there but in Rome.

Even though she was once a talented queen, the things changed when she fell in love with Mark Anthony who was basically her enemy. Therefore, love made it impossible to keep the things the way they were.

That’s why the life of Cleopatra ended very tragically – she killed herself as she couldn’t find happiness and bring her power back.

That’s why you can find this African queen movie in the Internet. There are a bunch of documentaries about her life and about her relationship with Mark Anthony.

First of all, if you are a big fan of old movies, you can always try watching Cleopatra: The Romance of a Woman and a Queen.

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It is more than a century old and that’s why you’re not going to see everything the way you are used to. It’s not going to tell you the historic events but it will definitely reveal the emotional side of all characters.

In the beginning of the 20th century there were a lot of movies made but not a lot of them are watchable now, in 2016. But as the cinematography developed, the films started to be more and more exciting.

Cleopatra (1934)

The Cleopatra movie that was filmed in 1934 is the first thing that is definitely worth watching. It is still black and white as no colourcasts were yet invented.

The leading actress is Claudette Colbert and she is so incredible that you believe that she really is Cleopatra! Her talent is indeed spectacular.

The movie tells us the story of her and also Julius Caesar as he also played an important role in the history. The actor who plays him is also extremely good.

He represents a really confident and intelligent man who knows exactly what he wants and gets it no matter what. And Claudette Colbert is perfectly showing how she is wanted by all men.

The plot is very intriguing too. It tells the story of her going to Rome where she has to make very important decisions for her country. However, it never goes that easy for her.

She has to make a final choice: whether she wants to be in love with Antony forever or keep her kingdom and help the citizens who really need her.

We can see the emotional battle inside her head and also the fatal decision she made that destroyed the life of her lover and her own too. Moreover, everything in the kingdom she owned became chaotic.

Cleopatra (1963)

african queens

Another movie about this incredible queen was made a lot later, in 1963. It became world-famous mainly because of the extremely talented main actress Elizabeth Taylor.

The critics said that this girl was basically made for this role because Taylor looked really natural and comfortable when she needed to present herself as a charming and beautiful woman who was trying to stay strong but sometimes felt really weak inside.

It is a very interesting fact that the actor who played Cleopatra’s lover was actually a husband of actress in the real life! Perhaps it is the reason why they could make the tragedy look so sensitive and real.

It is still the best movie about Cleopatra and the names of the actors who starred in it will be always remembered. There were different opinions but generally there is not much negativity expressed towards Cleopatra (1963).

Other famous African queens

However, there are also other queens whose stories the world is yet to see. For example, Queen Nzingha is not that popular in a foreign world but she did so much for West Africa that it’s even hard to put it into words.

She was also the head of military which was unusual specifically for the 16th century. However, she was intelligent enough to combine all her tasks and be able to manage all of it.

african queens

She was also a politician who was very honest and polite no matter which situations occurred. If you look at African queens images, you will definitely recognize Nzingha!

During the Portuguese conflict she was the one who established peace and controlled the military. That was also an important time in history as the first relationships with some European nations were established.

Africa became a trade partner and a good friend specifically for the Netherlands.




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