What are the best vinyl-playing stereos?

Do you know that vinyl-playing stereos are in trend now? Do you desire to know what best vinyl-playing stereos are on the stereo market? Read the article to find out!

The vinyl playing stereos may now have a new life with reported of 1.3 million sales in the UK. The stereo market is now booming with a new desire for buyers to get a vinyl-playing stereo. Tesco is the first supermarket of vinyl stereos that are combined with numerous stock of the devices. From retro style to modern and futuristic styles of stereos. Some of the vinyl-playing stereos come with USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity and possibility to download digital music online. People from all around the world are ready for the new life of retro styled stereos with the new source. Nevertheless, what are the best vinyl-playing stereos available on the market? Here is the top 10.

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Teac LP-P1000

This beautiful looking stereo system was created for lovers of vinyl playing. It includes Bluetooth, CD and vinyl and easy in using. It`s a great pleasure to listen this vinyl playing monster. It comes in black and cherry wood finish. The cost of the unit is not high, only 289 pounds, do not miss it on the market!

Auna Jerry Lee Retro

For people who prefer classic touch in everything, it`s presented Auna Jerry Lee Retro. It`s styled for the briefcase, and this kind of style also have the advantages. One of them is easy to carry function. It can also be powered with a USB port and transfer music to a computer. If you really like classics, then Auna Jerry Lee Retro for fifty-three pounds is for you to use.

Steepletone ST926

It`s one of the toughest vinyl-playing stereos that you can find on the market. It is hard to brake vinyl-stereo. It also provides a good sound for the listening music. You may also try to use it outdoors. It provides all-in features with sleek-looking style. The cost for one unit on the market is forty-five pounds.

Ion Max LP

This all-in vinyl-playing stereo would easily record everything you desire and convert it into digital files. It also uses brand efficient software for the recording and listening music. The natural wood finish would likely be fitted into any place of your room. The cost for one unit on the stereo market is seventy-nine pounds.

Auna Belle Epoque 1908

This solid machine is granted with loud speakers. It`s the best suited for the communal place. It uses USB output, so you could easily connect it to your computer.  You may also convert vinyl playing into MP3, listen to radio or cassettes with CDs. The cost for one unit of this solid guy is one hundred and sixty pounds.

Auna 388-BT

This kind of vinyl-playing stereo system has two speakers together with Mp3 playing and recording functions. You may also use hi-fi radio on this machine together with listening CDs and cassettes. The player can easily read Mp3 through Bluetooth interface. The cost for one unit is one hundred and forty-five pounds.

Crosley CR6010

The stylish briefcase design of this vinyl-playing stereo is a feature worth of your attention. This compact player was created for fans of 45s. The large full case is an ideal option for a bedroom sound system. It also can be connected to your computer through Bluetooth and play mp3 music. The cost for one unit is one hundred and twenty pounds.

Soundmaster Vintage Gramophone

This vintage looking stereo player is definitely worth your attention. Moreover, it`s not only the style of the vinyl-playing stereo system that should come into your attention but sound effects projected by the Soundmaster Vintage Gramophone. It also can play radio, read cassettes and CDs. The price for one unit is two hundred and twenty-seven pounds.

UO X Dansette Bermuda

Welcome back to Classic sixties with styling free-standing vinyl-playing stereo system. It`s a symbol of collaboration between two giants, like Crosley and Urban Outfitters. It can work as a majestic piece of furniture. It can be easily used even by a child. This unit can perfectly play any kind of vinyl and turn it into MP3. The sound system is perfect for any type of room. You can easily fit it to the living room or bedroom. If you don`t like the legs, then you can quickly remove it. The cost for one unit is two hundred and fifty pounds.

Crosley Keepsake Deluxe

It`s styled in a briefcase and very mobile vinyl-playing stereo system. It`s very simple to use. It also can play mp3 music, connect extra speakers. The cost for one unit is one hundred and fifty pounds.

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