What are the most amazing sculptures in the world for Nigeria?

What are the most amazing sculptures in the world for Nigeria? Do you wanna know the TOP 10 of the worst, best and most hilarious ones?

sculptures art

It is possible to perceive the world as a great space for art. No matter where on the map we look, everywhere we can find works that deserve to be seen, even if they are very small. However, there is a special kind of art, which is literally impossible not to pay attention to: sculptures art. Of course, the sculpture may have different size, but the most memorable ones are:

  • indecent tiny;
  • strikingly large;
  • surprisingly bright;
  • shockingly realistic.

Some examples are also admired with the general idea that for someone will seem recklessly absurd, and for someone – really brilliant. On your consideration, we are submitting ten most incredible sculptures, collected from around the globe!

Tenth place

Closes top ten the statue, which is literally a part of the surrounding landscape: this is a swimmer sculpture that floats on a lawn decorated with ground like the water. This miracle of design locates in London. Its size may surprise you: 46 feet in length from head to toe of the swimmer, and the highest point, which reaches 10 feet in height, is the point of the elbow of the swimmer.

sculptures metal

Ninth place

If you admire sculptures metal, note the number nine spot on our list. This is a huge spider, which gives a real panic with not so much its realism as gigantism. If you are afraid of insects, this sculpture is clearly not something that will leave you in admiration. This miracle stays next to the Tate Gallery and the author of sculptures, a man already advanced in years, has created six ones of them in general.

Eighth place

For eighth place fits one of the Buddha statues. You can say that there are plenty of such statues in the world, and they can be very different and shapes, and sizes, and you'd be right, but this statue is not just a statue, but a real gallery. Due to the impressive size of the product, excursions arrange inside the Buddha, as from inside the sculpture is decorated with lots of different images of the great philosopher.

yard sculptures

Seventh place

Many yard sculptures evoke the idea that it is necessary to freshen up after a hard day's work, and generally bring a sense of novice. In the seventh place in our hit parade of stunning sculptures is the one from Spain, which will make you believe in miracles of levitation: a huge faucet as if hanging in the air. Of course, the secret of the design is simple and is hidden under the jets of water pipe, but this sculpture looks impressive.

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Sixth place

Denver in Colorado, USA, has a sculpture in reserve, which we have prepared for sixth place: it is a statue of a dog. Fundamental differences in only two aspects of the statue: its size and appearance. Giant dog adorns the square in front of the entrance to the animal shelter, and the entire surface of the animal is decorated with lots of sparkles.

sculptures park

Fifth place

The Japanese have always been famous for their love of outrageous things, unusual sculptures and even entire sculptures park is no exception. As most insane sculpture from Japan, we chose… a giant saw, which has more than 15 meters high and is decorated with a bright red holder! The essence of the sculpture is not clear. It's just a piece of art that cannot be ignored. It is located in Tokyo, in the heart of the country.

sculptures clay

Fourth place

With the promise of a deep sense, we are encouraged with another piece that nearly entered the top three: this statue, which is on the way from Manchester to Liverpool. Just imagine, on the way down the highway you suddenly see the enormous head of a girl who is serenely smiling. Of course, if all the sculptures clay were not covered with a realistic image, some of the passing could receive a heart attack, but the girl's head is boil-and-white. According to the author, this dreamer represents the infinity of a brighter future.

The third place

In third place is for all, perhaps, well-known blonde, more precisely, her giant statue. Initially, Marilyn Monroe was holding her skirt flirtatiously outside Chicago, but later she was moved to California. The statue is also known for the fact that under it the tourists are often hide from the rain, as the skirt plays the role of a huge umbrella.

sculptures park 2

The second place

Humorous and original statue of another girl is hiding in Germany, if such a whopper at all can be hidden. German artist saw one of the lakes as the usual bath, only larger in size, and put in it a usual girl in respective dimensions.

sculptures clay

 The first place

It is our winner, which will be enjoyed by all fans of desserts. In Minnesota, the sculptor came up with the concept of a bridge in the form of a spoon, decorated at the end with no less giant cherry. Weight of the cherry alone is 1,200 pounds! On a terrific idea, the sculptor was inspired by his wife who, apparently, was very fond of berries. The sculpture became one of the symbols in the sculpture garden in Minneapolis, USA.

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