What are the most curious African riddles for kids?

What African riddles are the best? Why is it important to tell riddles to kids? You’ll find out everything you wanted to know about our interesting riddles here!

African riddles

In almost all African societies, such things as riddles have already become the form of art. They are different, simple, however elegant ways for communicating, but with a lot of deep meaning in only a couple of words. Our riddles play extremely important role in most traditions of African culture of speech and conversation.  Like different proverbs, African riddles are simple and usually based on observations of local nature. However, answering the riddle questions the person is expected to guess the certain answer to the question or some meaning of a statement.

riddles for kids

Riddles for kids make very important contribution to kids’ full participation in the cultural, political, social and economic life of different African communities, especially due to fostering local critical thinking and also transmitting deep local knowledge. Children's riddles are mainly used for entertainment and stimulating kids’ thinking.  People began using riddles as a form of good entertainment, especially for little children. There are also riddles for teens. This is a very cool method of introducing them to the rich African literature and help them get critical thinking. Like, the folktales and proverbs, this fun activity is optional. So can you guess all the answer to these ones?

Top best riddles and answers:

Riddle 1

Top best riddles

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Yoruba of Nigeria popular riddle:

Who has a house too small for guests?

What is the answer? A turtle.

Riddle 2

Ghana popular riddle

Ga of Ghana popular riddle:

What do you look at with one eye, but never with two?

What is the answer? The inside of a bottle.

Riddle 3

West Africa popular riddle

Hausa of West Africa popular riddle:

Why is a man like pepper?

What is the answer? Until you have tested him, you can’t tell how strong he is.

Riddle 4

East Africa popular riddle

Swahili of East Africa popular riddle:

What things always chase each other but never overtake one another?

What is the answer? The wheels of a vehicle.

Riddle 5

Maasai warriors

Massai of East Africa popular riddle:

Who has more courage than a Maasai warrior?

What is the answer? Two Maasai warriors.

Riddle 6

Congolese popular riddle

Congolese popular riddle:

Who can whistle from another man’s mouth?

What is the answer? The other man.

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