What are the most expensive but absolutely useless things for Nigeria?

What are the list of totally useless items? Would you want tp have one or not? Read the article to learn about them.

useless things

In this world, we will always find what to spend the money on. Another thing is that these things can be:

  • necessary;
  • useful;
  • beautiful.

However, the purchase may be totally useless. One thing, if we buy a tenth dress that will gather dust in the wardrobe, just because it seemed to us that it is necessary, and the other, when we buy a completely useless things, because we do not know what to do with the extra money. So, let's admire the ten most useless things that you can get for an impressive amount.


No one will say that mobile phone relates to the list of useless things: we use these means of communication on a regular basis and it is terrible to imagine what would have happened if we had not the possibility at any time to call friends or acquaintances. However, how much you are willing to pay for the phone? Hundred dollars, and perhaps a thousand or ten thousand? It is unlikely that the account goes on millions, but the most expensive phone in the world costs almost one and a half million! It's not an amazing performance, but the decoration: for phone to sparkle and shine there is nearly one hundred diamonds inlaid, including rare, for example, blue ones.

useless things to buy

Precious toy

Try telling a fan of anything that the images of his favorite character are useless things to buy and get ready to run. If you are not a fan of Hello Kitty cartoon character, then you will probably just roll your eyes in surprise: the most expensive, and thus, far from the largest toy costs 163.000 dollars. Of course, the sculpture weighs just about a pound decorated with a variety of precious stones, but its cost is still amazing. Such a thing only once was sold to a collector, not surprisingly, in Japan.

most useless things

Oh, sport!

The next lot in this parade of completely useless things may seem boring: it is an ordinary ball for cricket. Another thing is that the ball costs 68,000 dollars, as was also decorated with precious stones. Of course, this is not a ball for game, but it is rather suitable to decorate the mantel with awards: the balls were created as a gift for the best players.

Expensive lunch

Compared with the previous two instances of the following items will seem cheap: only 125 dollars apiece. However, when we say "a piece" we mean "a piece of pizza"! Of course, food is important, but in this case, it is absolutely inappropriate luxury. Pizza was sold and made in New York and was spiced with:

  • caviar;
  • lobster;
  • mushrooms;
  • fish;
  • wasabi as a sauce and other delicacies.

It is said that it was enough for 8 people, but it is unlikely they ate filling-up.

useless expensive things

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All the best for the car

Well, perhaps, for the residents of Manhattan, this waste will not seem such a useless one: first place we give to a parking place for a quarter of a million dollars! It is not known what kind of car is best to leave on the parking lot for 225,000 dollars, but we believe that it should be at least platinum Ferrari.

Home Appliances

There are TVs in the world in which you do not need to look, because you can watch at them. For example, a television set worth 130,000 dollars, which is made of gold and decorated with large diamonds. Will you agree: it is not necessary to turn on this TV to enjoy its charm.

completely useless things

Golden accessory

If we talk about useless expensive things, it's impossible not to mention the fashion world. Bag, which will be discussed, is not just gold, it's literally platinum. Made of pure platinum thing was decorated with lots of precious stones the weight of more than 200 carats. The cost of this bag exceeds even the cost of mobile phone, which we mentioned at the beginning: 1,630,000 dollars.

completely useless things2

Would you like some tea?

If you have a British friend, who has everything in this world, you can be sure that even he does not have a diamond teabag that costs 14,000 dollars. This bag was handcrafted by jewelers from Boodles companies on the anniversary of a well-known tea company. Well, we think, this event caused a lot of jokes about Englishmen’s love to Fife-o-clock.

Toys for boys

If the abovementioned Hello Kitty is rather a toy for girls, the next instance will take a worthy place in the collections of some adult boy. Toy robot made of platinum costs more than 41,000 dollars and is a legendary Gundam.

useless things to buy2

Priceless booze

Connoisseurs of vintage and rare alcohol beverages are aware that this is not a cheap pleasure. One of the legendary producers of Tequila in Mexico produced a bottle of the precious beverage from platinum and white gold, and sold a piece of art for 225.000 dollars. Collector was satisfied with the purchase, and the company offered instances for not such wealthy customers: the gold and platinum tequila for $ 150,000 and the usual gold or silver for $ 25,000.

useless things to buy3

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