What are the most inspiring Frida's Kahlo quotes?

Frida Kahlo and her difficult life. What are the most inspiring Frida's Kahlo quotes? You’ll find out everything you wanted to know about the life of talented artist here right now!

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The fate of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo was so much testing, that none could wish to have the same one. Small and fragile, she had an incredible inner strength, which was able to defeat all the hardships. Her life story is a story of the ongoing struggle, love and hate, friendship and betrayal, creative ups and downs.

Her paintings are full of tragedy of life. However she tried desperately to understand her own life. Her quotes became world-know due to their great energy.

Frida Kahlo biography. Her early years

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Frida Kahlo was born in a suburb of Mexico City Coyoacan on July 6, 1907. Her father, who was involved in photography, was a German Jew, her mother was Mexican with Native American roots. Frida was the third child in the family.

At 6 years old girl got ill with polio, which had affected all her life. Because of what kids called her 'wooden leg'. Her right leg was shorter than the left by a few centimeters. The difficulty in such an early age was only tempered by the nature of Frida. In spite of all and through the pain, she played with the boys in football and went to swimming and boxing.

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When she was 15 years old, Kahlo enrolled in one of the best preparatory schools and had planned to study medicine. She quickly earned credibility by creating with a few students 'Kachuchas' group. At that time she was already painting the picture, but she treated lightly to her painting. Everything changed in 1923, when she met the artist Diego Rivera.

Frida like a little girl, all the time, went around Diego trying to get his attention. She was always saying that she was going to marry him, and, in the end, it turned out so. However, before Kahlo had to go through the real hell.

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In 1925, Frida got in a terrible car accident. The bus, in which she was going, crashed into a tram. Iron rod susceptor pierced into a girl, damaging the uterus and broke pelvis bone. Her spine was broken in three places, fractured right leg and broken ribs. Doctors in horror shrugged, but she, after more than thirty surgeries, survived. During the whole year Frida was chained to the bed. Gradually, she got to her feet, but she could not have children anymore.

In this difficult time for the Kahlo Diego Rivera was near. He supported her as best as he could. It was thanks to him that Frieda believed in herself and scrambled. The artist taught her a lot, as for painting. He first discovered her drawing talent. He opened Frida Kahlo artist

In captivity of passions

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The dizzying romance of Kahlo and Rivera ended with the wedding. In 1929, they became husband and wife. She was 22, he was 43.  

They were close not only because of painting, but also the communist ideals. The stormy life together of two extraordinary people became a legend. Diego loved women and when there was a chance, he cheated on his wife. Frida knew it, but could not help it. Later, she said that in her life there were two accidents: one - the bus, the other - Diego. After the wedding, the newlyweds settled in the 'blue house', which was located in the affluent district of Mexico City.

In the late 20-ies Diego Rivera was invited to work in the United States. For several years the couple lived in America, because of what the artist was expelled from the Communist Party. Frida also went after him, but in 1933 came back. Living abroad made her feel the injustice of the social system and the importance of the national culture. The artist began collecting vintage artwork, connected to Mexican culture, wearing national costumes. In some way, this reflected in her work.

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In 1937, Soviet revolutionary Leon Trotsky appeared in Kahlo's life. Fleeing from persecution at home, he found a shelter in Mexico, in the house of Diego and Frida. There were a lot of legends and rumors about the relationship of Trotsky and Kahlo, but whether they were true, it is unknown. According to the most common version, the Soviet revolutionary was madly in love with a temperamental Mexican. She was impressed with the communist ideas, so could not refuse such a great figure. They had a relationship, but Trotsky's jealous wife ended it very fast. Soon they left the 'blue house'.

In 1939, Kahlo's work first appeared in Europe, a few of her paintings have been shown in Paris, the exhibition of Mexican art. They had impressed everyone and even one work was acquired by the Louvre. At the same time, Frida had terrible health problems. Potent drugs designed to alleviate the suffering, changed her mental state. However, after some time they stopped helping to deal with the pain.

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In 1950, the artist had several surgeries on the spine, after which she spent a year in hospital. She could no longer walk on her own and had to use a wheelchair. Soon Frida lost her right leg.

In 1953, a large Kahlo’s solo exhibition was organized in Mexico. She was brought directly from the hospital to the gallery. Despite the fact that her condition was serious, she found the strength to sing and have fun. But in any self-portrait of the artist of the period she was not smiling: gloomy, serious face, stern look, tightly compressed lips.

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On July 13, 1954 Frida Kahlo died of pneumonia. Some friends of the artist suggested that the cause of death was a drug overdose, but the evidence of this version does not exist. At the farewell ceremony with Frida there were all prominent artists and Mexican President Lazaro Cardenas.

In spite of the full life of suffering and pain, Frida Kahlo was relaxed, extrovert personality. She smoked a lot, drank alcohol, sang obscene songs and was an open bisexual. People had different attitude to artist’s work. Some admired her paintings, while others hated them. But one thing is clear: she was a great woman with a great character. Frida Kahlo quotes are inspiring, check up 17 top ones:

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1. I will never accept money from any man, as long as I'm alive.

2. I paint myself because I spend a lot of time alone, and because it is the one subject that I know best.

3. I am not art amateur and not an expert. I'm just a girl, which needs to work to live.

4. I used to think that I'm the odd person in this world, but then I thought that there are so many people and, certainly, there is one more the same bizarre, as I am.

5. I think that I am a surrealist. But I’ve never painted dreams. I painted my reality.

6. In my life there were two accidents: one - when the bus crashed into a tram, another - was Diego.

7. I'm still alive, and in addition I have something to live for. For the sake of painting.

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8. I had a leg amputated, I have never experienced such suffering in my life. I keep having a nervous shock, the body is all disrupted, even circulation. After surgeries six months have already passed, and now, as you see, I'm still here, I love Diego more than ever and I hope to be useful to him and to paint at full strength, if only nothing happened with Diego, because if Diego would have died, I certainly would follow him. We would be buried together. Let none expect that I will live after the death of Diego. I cannot live without him. He's my son, he is my mother, my father, my husband. He is my everything.

9. I used to be flirtatious and childish, and now I will be childish and no good for anything, and it is much worse.

10. I never feel ‘disappointment of life’, as it is in Russian novels. I clearly understand my situation and almost happy because I have Diego, and mom and dad, whom I love so much. I think that this is enough, and I do not ask for miracles of life or anything like that.

11. There is nothing more precious than laughter, it can help you to fly above, become weightless.

12. I'm having fun waiting to push up the daisies and I hope never to return.

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13. The Revolution is the harmony of form and color, everything moves and remains in place, in obedience to one law: the name of it is life.

14. The most ridiculous thing in the world is a tragedy.

15. I do not need compliments, I need advice knowledgeable person.

16. I tried to drown my sorrows, but these bastards have learned to swim.

17. My paintings have pain... Pictures end their lives. I lost three children... Pictures replaced them all.

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Expressive and eccentric Mexican painter, who loved to laugh, drink tequila and smoking became famous shortly before her death. Now Frida Kahlo’s paintings are worth millions. But then she had to achieve everything with incredible desire and willpower.

Mexican artist is well-known in her homeland. Some even manages to make casj on it. A decade ago, the Venezuelan businessman Carlos Dorado has created Frida Kalho Corporation, a fund that has acquired the right to use the sonorous name. Frida Kahlo today is not only paintings, but also cosmetics, lingerie, corsets, shoes, jewelry, ceramics, beer and even her favorite brand of tequila. Portrait of a couple Kahlo-Rivera is emblazoned on the banknotes of 500 pesos.  

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Also Hollywood decided to make movie about difficult life of Frida with Salma Hayek playing a main role. It was released on August 29 in 2002. Critics said that Frida is a film about real art, which is a work of art indeed in itself. The movie’s unique visual language allows us get into Frida’s head and also reminds us that art is better enjoyed when it breathes, moves and is created on a giant canvas, well, as only the films can provide.

She had real lust for life! Frida lived in spite of everything, and her paintings became beautiful as the impulses of her soul. Frida was a unique personality, which will always live in her paintings. She is a real example of a person with a huge strength of will and wish to live a happy life. Meeting difficulties, don’t forget about Frida, who didn’t lose her positive attitude even after extremely serious problems. 

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