What are the most shocking sexual traditions in Africa?

Want to know more about shocking sexual rites of Africans? Read in the article.


How much interesting and unknown hold traditions of different nations of our planet. A mysterious, sometimes even tabooed subject of sex could not stay away and, accordingly, is in the picture of various rites and customs, sometimes even very unusual. Africa is not an exception. This continent is very rich in different sexual rites, some of them are really unusual and even wild.

In Northwest Africa, there are several tribes which every month conduct a kind of lottery. All mature men draw lots, which will decide with whom they will spend the night. The lottery involves all persons of the female sex, and any one of them can become a chosen one for young men, whether it is the 90-year-old woman or a baby girl. Any man can refuse from participation in the lottery, but then he would never be able to take part in it again, all women are deprived of this right.

The most unusual sexual practices of Africa

1. In Kenya, the virginity of brides is honoured as anywhere else. If a girl loses her virginity before marriage, then she is unlikely to be able to get married. And for this reason on the eve of her wedding, the bride anyone can check whether the girl is innocent or not.

2. Some tribes of Oceania, Central Africa and Indonesia have a pre-wedding ritual according to which, the bride is given for the temporary use of the best friends of her future husband, and if the men found her unsuitable for their friend, the wedding is cancelled.


3. In Tanzania, women steal from their chosen one's shoes and hoe; these things are considered to be the most expensive, without which any self-respecting man cannot do. Hoes are transmitted from generation to generation from father to son, and if the chosen one wants to regain his goods, then he would have to marry a thief.

4. In Africa there is the custom to buy a bride: in ransom contender for the girl's hand, a future husband has to be satisfactory to her mother, if he cannot cope with this problem, a girl will marry another man, who will deal with her mother. By the way, the contenders for his daughter's hand are selected by the father of the family.

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5. In some tribes of equatorial Africa, it is believed that a man should not suffer, making love to a virgin. The girls prefer to go to the jungle, to lose their virginity with a male gorilla. It is believed that the young woman, who is unable to pervert the poor animal, will never be able to become a good wife. It is clear that most often it ended with an attack, or an imitation of an attack of one of the tribesmen. He literally could do with a poor girl all he wanted. The more injuries a virgin gets, the higher position she then held in the tribal hierarchy. Such is the payment for sexual disability.

6. Some African tribes fought for the "preservation" of the bride. And solved this problem radically just sew up the vagina of the girl at an early age and "open" it just before the wedding at a special council of elders.


7. Each African family has many children; it is difficult to find a family where it would be less than 6 children. This is not because of the huge love of Africans to the kids, and not the lack of means of protection. Everything is much simpler: the duty of every son is taking care of their parents. The more children they have, the better life elderly people have. That is why they give birth to 20 children, suffer, raising them to their feet, but then live like kings. Real heaven!

8. As it was mentioned earlier: all Africans want to live well, and every African family with manic determination wants as many children as possible. But you know this is Africa: the hunger, unsanitary conditions, diseases and parasites do their work, which has the result, that the majority of men defective. And that's why almost every tribe has a special "Assistant", who is free from work, living in luxury and bliss, and responsible only for the reproduction of the tribe.

9. People of Zimbabwe like dry sex. There is believed that friction must be rigid. So before sex, local women are rubbing intimate zones with special herbs, creating increased dryness. And men do special scar incisions on their penises so that the friction was as dry as possible.

10. Men of Hottentot tribes of South Africa have retained the tradition to amputate one of their testicles. This is done to ensure that family will not have twins, the appearance of whom is considered to be a curse for the tribe.


Who is interested in military parades? Despite the military people, ordinary people need bread and circuses. The King of Swaziland knows exactly how to make a holiday for the souls of his citizens, and so every year arranges a grand procession of virgins. Thousands of scantily clad beauties are cheerfully marching in front of the monarch. In Swaziland, it has become a good tradition of sex, when the king chooses from girls, participating in the parade his new spouse, and each refused girl is awarded a large bowl of food.

In Baganda tribe (East Africa) there is a belief that sex on farmland significantly improves their fertility. By the way, such sexual tradition was common for many people. However, the natives did not organise vulgar orgies on beds of plantain. For the ritual, they chose a married couple parents of twins. The event was held on the leader`s of the tribe field, and was as follows: the woman laid on her back, in her vagina were placed plantain flowers, and her husband had to get it without using his hands, using only the penis.

Sexual traditions of different nations of the world are different, as well as standards of beauty. Can a woman from the valley of the Zambezi be considered attractive if her mouth is full of teeth like a crocodile`s? To become beautiful, girls of tribe Batoka had to get married. On the wedding night, a satisfied husband turned "ugly" girl into a beautiful woman, knocking her front teeth out. This custom is accompanied by a straightforward plastic surgery, Batoka makes a woman happy and the radiant smile never leaves her face.

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