What are top ten islamic calendar blessed days?

Do you want to know what the most famous and important islamic holidays are? Read and find out everything about it.

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Islam religion is one of the youngest religions in the world. Maybe it’s the reason why there are not that many blessed days in the Islamic calendar.

However, even though the amount of the holidays is not that big, they still are extremely important to all of those who follow the Islam religion. The holidays for Muslims have some similar things to those in other religions.

For example, there is no work allowed in order to get the soul “cleaned”. Or to remember some important people.

The two most important holidays in Islamic calendar are 'Id Al-Fitr and 'Id Al-Adha.

Ramadan is very important month for Muslims. They don’t eat and drink during the daytime.

There are also a lot of other holidays but they can be different depending on what kinds of Muslims there are. For example, if Ramadan is required to do for everyone, there is another holiday when you can fast only if you want to.

Top Blessed Days


It is the New Year for the Islam.


The month when it is happening is considered to be the start of the Muslim year. The official beginning is considered to be the 1st day. They have a special date when the whole thing started.

It is considered to be A.D. July 16, 622. That’s the time when their famous Muhammad went to Medina.

This New Year in Islam is not a huge holiday. They don’t have presents, parties and they don’t cook dishes. What they do is praying, reading Koran and thinking about life.

They make it a holiday only for the communication with their God.

Mawlid al-Nabi

This is how the Prophet Muhammad's birthday is called in Arabic.

This is all about the main person in the religion – Muhammad. He is the first to find Islam. Muslims usually celebrate it on the 12th day of the Rabi month.

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That’s the month in their special calendar which is different from any other. If you translate Mawlid al-Nabi to Arabic, it literally means the birthday of the holy person.

Muslims also pray and try to appreciate what the prophet did for their lives. However, some kinds of Islam followers don’t want to celebrate it because they have the different ideas about it.

Eid al-Fitr

This is a holiday which usually happens in the end of Ramadan.

Eid al-Fitr ends the toughest month in the year. After finishing it, Muslims can have a nice holiday. Even if you translate it from Arabic, that’s exactly what the name says – the end of Ramadan. What do they do?

Most of the people get dressed nicely for the holiday. They also decorate their houses, make some nice dishes and share it with everyone. It is a kind of party with the family and friends.


By the end of the Ramadan people are supposed to think of their actions and what they mean. They should think of the true meaning of the good things that they do and how to become better people.

It’s also required to do something good in the eyes of God. For example, to send money for charity, to help the mosques with something.

Of course they should never forget about good actions but it’s extremely important during this blessed day.

Eid al-Adha

The translation from Arabic is the Feast of Sacrifice. It is a very important holiday too. The beginning is on the tenth day of Hijja. Therefore, it is on the last month of the year for Muslims. Every Muslim celebrates it, there are no exceptions.  

What do they do?

The followers of Islam make a sacrifice of some kind of animal and give it out to all people around them. It is the symbol for the God sacrificing himself and taking care of people.

Islamic Calendar 2016

 Isra and Mi'raj

  May 5

  Start of Ramadan


  June 7

Laylat al-Qadr

  Jul 2

  Eid Al Fitr

  July 7

  Eid al Adha

  September 13

  (Feast of the Sacrifice)

Islamic New Year

  October 3

 Prophet's Birthday

  December 12


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