What did Harriet Tubman Accomplish?

Why was Harriet Tubman called the Mosos of her people? Learn the incredible story now.

These days we got some good news from USA. Finally after all these years of slavery and discrimination a black woman would appear on one of the US dollars’ bill. That woman is a famous abolitionist Harriet Tubman and her portrait would get on the $20 bill. She would take the place of one of the American presidents Andrew Jackson.

Harriet Tubman $20

What is Harriet Tubman best known for?

And since Harriet Tubman 20 dollar bill is the news, let us find out who she was and what she is best known for. One of the amazing names of this unique woman was the Moses of her people, as she led many of them out of slavery and captivity. And they followed her to new life and freedom.

Harriet Tubman biography

Harriet Tubman biography

She was born back in 18220ss in a plantation in a slave family. In the early life Harriet Tubman was beaten and whipped often and her back was all scarred severely. She has also been hit mistakenly with a heavy object. That beating led to developing narcolepsy which she had to cope with for the rest of her life.

Her owner was named James Cook and he made her go out to the fields and check the muskrat traps. That was her job. Being a sickly person due to the beatings she received, Harriet Tubman had to be sold away from plantation and her family. So, she decided to run away and use the Underground Railroad as her way to freedom.

Harriet Tubman age

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Two of her brothers at first decided to run, too. They made it half way, but changed their minds and returned. She returned with them and brought them all the way back to plantation and then turned around and made it back to freedom.

When is Harriet Tubman birthday? It is on 29th of January, 1820. And she was born in Maryland. Her life was long and fruitful. She passed away in 1913 being 93 years of age. Harriet Tubman death took place on March 10.

Harriet Tubman save slaves

Harriet Tubman family was liberated by her. The father got his freedom in 1840 and few years after that her mother was also set free. She herself married in 1844 a man named John Tubman. He was a black free man. Initially the woman was named Araminta, but she changed that to Harriet later on.

Harriet Tubman accomplishments

Harriet Tubman accomplishments

The major accomplishment of this brave black woman was liberating over 1 000 people from the bonds of slavery. They followed her out of the South to the North to a new life. During the Civil War she scouted for the army and worked as a trained nurse. Unfortunately, despite respect and admiration Harriet Tubman died in poverty from pneumonia.

She was a passionate activist and abolitionist and US President Barak Obama honored her heritage and turned her into the national hero. Harriet Tubman should also be honored in Nigeria, as many of the US slaves in the South came from this country and she was able to give them freedom and change their destiny. 


I think that no suffering is not worth it to be on Dolar, who is after this it is necessary to go through the torment that then you have fun on a piece of paper. I think this is not the way. It is of course my personal opinion, and most people do not agree with me, but still really think that the life of the woman is mentally broken, but from the fact that her face will be twenty dollars, that it already does not help. Thank you for your interesting article, it was very interesting to read and learn about such news.

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