What do lines on our hands tell about us?

What our own hands can tell about us? Can they help discover ourselves? Read and find out the meanings of the enigmatic lines.

Is there a person, who has never dreamt of discovering own future? There is a mysterious “science” called palmistry or chiromancy. It is interested in hands lines’ reading and their interpretation. Lots of people are charmed by it, as they desire to know the secrets of their life. Your hands are able to give so much information about your personality that you can hardly believe in it. But look at your hands. There are plenty lines there. All of them are different and there are no people, who have the same ones. That possibly proves that those lines have something to do with our fate.

hands lines reading

Major lines

Before we can start the interpretation, you should know the key lines on your hand. They are:
•    Lifeline: the most amazing for the people, it starts between the index finger and the thumb, then goes down to the base of the thumb and to the wrist. It tells about the relationships in your life, the people you will meet. Physical and emotional well-being of a person is also here.
•    Head line: it is often called “wisdom line” and starts over the life line and goes across the palm horizontally. There are cases, when it starts from the same point as a lifeline. It describes intellectual development, mental makeup and intuition.   
•    Heart line: it is located above two previous lines then extends towards the pinky finger. It tells about emotional and physical relations with others and about heart health. It is often called love line as well.

hands lines meaning

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There also exist minor lines, which include:
•    Sun,
•    Children,
•    Health, 
•    Fate,
•    Bracelet,
•    Relationship,
•    Simian, etc.
They denote talents, interests, strengths and weaknesses of a person, the information about his or her kids, health and so on.

Hand lines and meanings

In order to read the lines properly, it is essential to pay attention to their location, length, form and the lines they are crossing.

        hand lines and meanings

People are mostly interested in heart line, as it can reflect their inner state and help to understand themselves. Let’s look at the most common hands lines meanings:
•    If it starts below the middle finger, it means you have qualities of a leader and lots of ambitions. Such position characterized independent and intelligent personalities, who are able to make decisions quickly. There is also a kind of coolness in you.
•    If it begins between the middle and index finger, it denotes kindness and consideration. You are attentive and often hesitate about trusting others. You are a happy medium, keeping balance between heart and mind.
•    If it starts below index the index finger of yours, you are full of love and sentiments. Moreover, you have an idealistic thinking. 
•    When your heart line is between the thumb and index finger, you are quite patient, kind and warm-hearted. 

Important details

There are some things, which should be mentioned concerning the peculiarities of lines:
•    If the heart line starts as 3 lines merge into one – it is means you have different feelings and keep them under control.
•    If the line initiates in the middle of the hand – you are materialistic type of a person.
•    When the form is curved, it denotes a warm-hearted person.
•    If your line is clear and unbroken, it means you are deep and thoughtful.

hand lines and meanings1
Look at your hands and find out what type of person you are, how you feel about the world and people around. Our body is able to tell a very amazing story about ourselves. All you require is just to look closer.

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