What does Bae Mean? – 10 Best Slang Words in Nigeria

Today slang has become very popular, especially in gadget texting and online communications. Learn some of the most popular slang words, their origin and use.

Language is considered to be the living organism. It changes and develops over time. New words in any language appear every second. It happens because the world moves on, new technologies and terms are being created. However, people, including Nigerians, influence the language most of all. They keep inventing new words and expressions all the time.
what does bae mean

This is the main reason why slang appears in our life. But what does this word itself mean? It is usually described as a group of non-standard words or combinations in a certain language. It is used by people who belong to the same social group, for example, by teenagers. “Slanguage” is thought to be very informal language, so only close people use it.

Where slang can be used

Nowadays slang words are used everywhere. Here are the most common situations:

  • communication on the Internet (regardless of whether you talk to anyone via Skype or write in a chat – slang is very popular in both spoken and written communication),

  • SMS (writing messages may take lots of time without using slang, so younger generation often use acronyms or other short expressions),

  • real speech (even while talking to each other in real, teenagers prefer to use slang).                                                                   

What does Bae Mean?

What does Bae Mean? 2Bae is one of the most frequently used slang words. Like the majority of English words “bae” has more than one definition. The first one, given in the urban dictionary, is supposed to be the main. According to it, “bae” is a Danish equivalent for “poop”. However, people on the Internet usually use it instead of “baby”, because the pronunciation is very similar. This simply means we can call so a young girl, a girlfriend, or someone very close.

Thus, the original meaning of “bae” was lost. Now it is mostly usable by ghetto folks or swagfags. They call so boyfriends, chicks, crush, and all the things like that.

Attitude to the term

There are a lot of people who just adore the term “bae”. Nevertheless, there are also those who absolutely hate it. To their mind, such lexicon shows your background and cultural level (we have mentioned that it’s mostly used in ghetto).

Probably, for the first time it was just something new and unknown. But as soon as subculture representatives had addicted to it, it became unbearable for some other, let’s say, intelligent people.

Connotations of baeWhat does Bae Mean? 3

We’ve already said that words have several meanings and “bae” is no exception. It possesses the following connotations:

  1. Before Anyone Else. Thus, the word became an acronym. It can be appropriate when talking about a person who is special for you – your close friend or even a lover.

  2. Bae is also described as the sound made by sheep.

  3. Biggest Asshole Ever. It’s an acronym again. It is supposed to originate from some comic video or speech recording. It’s probably the most funny connotation of the term “bae” given in the one of the popular dictionaries  http://urbandictionary.com/.

  4. Sometimes it is used in order to annoy or irritate someone.

Most usable slang words

Nowadays there are many other words and expressions that young people have accustomed to use in SMS correspondence, chats, or any other type of Internet communication. All the terms are mostly used as abbreviations (acronyms) in order not to waste time typing several words. Let us consider the most frequently used slang words and acronyms:

Basic: this term describes a girl who is interested only in fashion, mainstream things and trending. It can be also said about boring and uninteresting person.

10 Best Slang Words in NigeriaPhotobomb: designation of the person who spoils the picture with his or her presence.

It is used in the situations when someone who should not be on the picture, is in the frame and makes it worse.

Epic Fail: is used when speaking of any kind of failure (quite big one). It is something you feel incredibly ashamed of.

Thirsty: usually used when you talk about someone who is constantly looking for attention or approval using the most extreme ways.

Lipdub: popular trend of video, where songs are recorded in several voices a cappella. One person begins to sing; the others join and complete the melody.

Noob: term used for a person, who is not aware of the latest innovations, who are not in fashion and not aware of the latest trends. In particular, he or she does not know the sense ​​of the above slang words. It’s also frequently seen in online games chats and it was originated from there.

POS: an abbreviation that stands for the phrase Parents Over Shoulder. It is appropriate when there is no opportunity to reply to the message, because the parents are looking at the phone's screen or laptop. It is commonly in use among the teenagers.

 Best Slang Words in NigeriaDat Ass Doe: this phrase indicates that something is completely awesome. It is mostly used when talking about a woman.

Flop and flopper: the concept of something disastrous, that was not supposed to happen. The noun means, for instance, a person who constantly spoils everything at the last moment.

Turnt Up: it means to get crazy at a party or in a nightclub (usually under the influence of intoxication).

There are much more words and expressions like these, which you can find on the Internet. They are always available in free dictionary. You can use them either online or download on your computer. You can find any meaning of words in those dictionaries. They are always up-to-date and renewed by people.

There are dictionaries, where you can find the interpretation of a word by different nations. For instance, the British one offers to decipher words that have come from American culture in a special urban dictionary. Thus, people from all over the world could find out their connotations.

The most popular slang dictionaries include:

  1. Urban Dictionary. You just type the word and immediately find it. It is also possible to add your own meanings.

  2. Online Slang Dictionary. It contains not only teenagers’ slang, but English and American ones as well.Slang Words in Nigeria 3

  3. Walter Rader Slang Dictionary. It is a downloadable version which consists of the most modern and usable expressions.

  4. Cockney Rhyming Slang. This dictionary has lots of Cockney words divided by subjects.

  5. Texting Slang Dictionary. It gives you an opportunity to find out the meaning of written acronyms or shortenings (for example, from SMS or chats).

There are much more other dictionaries containing slang. Most of them are completely free and available whatever country you live. READ ALSO: What does fleek mean in Nigeria?

What does Bae Mean in Nigeria 1Now you know the meaning of the most commonly used words. You can use them in your written or spoken speech, if applicable. With the help of the dictionaries, you can always be up-to-date with new words. Besides, slang expressions make you closer to the culture you are interested in (whether it is American, black, or any other subculture). READ ALSO: What does smh mean – 5 best slang words for Nigerians

Dictionaries give you a possibility not only to know various meanings of the definite slang words, but also to see the examples of their usage in real speech.
With the help of the Internet, you can ask the “native speakers” of the slanguage themselves and make sure you understand the connotation right. Language will keep changing. That is why it is very useful to know about modern dictionaries. They will help you to avoid misunderstandings and other stupid situation and will make your communication with the representatives of different cultures comfortable.







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Answered 10 months ago.

Slang today have become very popular, especially among young people. Never understood why they did zyavlyayut and why. The text is clear why they appear. Repeatedly daughter uses slang and I did not understand ask her to explain what it means. Especially as the catch in her page on social networks in general can not understand a single word. Now try to use slang and adapt to current youth and adolescents to better find common language with them. Especially with children need to speak to be their shine.

Answered 2 years ago.

I remember the time i used to say baby to approach my girlfriend by those cute nicknames. Once when i was chatting online i saw someone said ''bae'' refering it to their partner. Later, i started using this as a slang for a word ''baby'' in my speech, too. I've been a witness of a huge word evolution on the internet, people cut big words to make it shorter. However, this modern form of speech acceptable between teens and adults. The new generation moving forward, we tend to follow popularity and discover something absolutely new, we catching it up and use it.

Answered 2 years ago.

It is very interesting to learn about nigeria for me especially this article was extremely useful. I have a friend in Nigeria and we usually keep in touch by letters. It happened sometimes that he used some phrase slangs with we and that was when i got curious what exactly he was talking about. That is how i have found this particular article that is very useful and interesting. One may way even so interesting taht everyone should read it in order to understand clearly all the national slangs and street-talkings

Answered 2 years ago.
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