What does fleek mean in Nigeria?

Fleek, Bae, SMH - what does it mean? Find out now and stay trendy when chatting with your friends online or offline.

Nowadays slang’s become a part of our culture. It is extremely popular. More and more words are being created every day. Sometimes it seems they have just come from nowhere. But it isn’t true. Every phrase has its roots and reasons to appear. Recently one word has interested plenty of people. They don’t stop asking “What does fleek mean?”

what does fleek mean

It may surprise you, but this term has quite a long history. Besides, the notion itself is still controversial, as there’re several variations of it in a dictionary. And it isn’t because it possesses lots of connotations, but because linguists are not sure about its meaning.

What does fleek mean? 

Dictionary meaning of words might be defined by scientists (linguists) or just by plain people. Today plenty of online dictionaries exist, where people can add their own definitions.

As we’ve mentioned, the term “fleek” is disputable. According to the Urban dictionary, it has the following meanings:

  1. slang word fleekThe first one’s used instead of “on point”. It has been actually mentioned in one of recently appeared videos.

    This definition’s connected with eyebrows (as a person on the video used it that way).
  2. It is also described as the way Hispanic people say the word "flick", which means to remove with a sudden movement or light blow.
  3. Another one says it denotes something cool or swavy (awesome).

These are three main connotations of the term, however, there might be much more of them, as it is a slang word.


As the majority of modern words, “fleek” also has its roots. Besides, it is quite long and interesting. You should know there are several so-called stages of its usage. They include the following:

fleek in the dictionaryPlutarch’s Lives translation. It refers to the year of 1801. It was originally written in the first century.

Thus, the earliest usage was noticed in the following line: “fleek fellows I am afraid of, but the pale and the lean”.

The researchers claim that in this translation “fleek” is taken instead of “sleek” (meaning thing, which is nice or good).

Welsh-English dictionary. Further application refers to 1803 in the dictionary composed by William Owen Pughe. It appears in the entry for the term “Mwythus”, denoting puffed up, fleek, pampered, delicate, nice thing. Thus, according to the linguistic relationships between the Welsh and English languages, “fleek” can also refer to something delicate or nice. However, as the linguists say, in this very case “f” is again taken instead of “s”. Nevertheless, we may observe some interesting etymological implications.

Sharpe’s London Magazine in 1847. There was a publication during that time with the usage of the observed word. Let’s consider the following lines:

old london magazineAnd only, alas! In the midnight hour,

When the cold pale moonbeams fleek

The sea, can we rise from our dreary sleep,

And float on our shadowy wreck.

And only, love, in the midnight hoar,

When the moon and star-beams fleek

The waves, shall we rise from our gentle sleep,

And float on our shadowy wreck.

In this very case, the author actually predicted the future meaning. He really meant that the moonbeams were “on fleek” that night. Besides, the word is used two times here, the second is in “fleek the waves”, thus, we can clearly see a distinction between the letters “f” and “s”. The following usage probably has a connection with the 19th century British poetry.

modern slang fleekModern time. The recent video, we have been talking about at the very beginning, is created by Peaches Monroe. But let’s, first, say about the earliest meaning submitted.

On the 2nd of October, 2003, the Urban Dictionary’s user Dan Blue added this word with the definition: sweet, nice, smooth.

Then, a bit later in 2009, another user added the second notion, defining it a synonym of “awesome”. And the next day that popular video appeared, where she announced: My eyebrows on fleek, b*tch! Thus, many people started using it when talking about something as the way it should be in its proper state, or at its prime. Especially it concerns eyebrows. The connotation “on point” takes its roots from here.

Frequency of usage

When we’ve found out “What does fleek mean?”, we may pass on to its application. You probably know that in various periods of time different words are not equally popular. Talking about the term “fleek”, we may look at the statistics by Google Search. It is as follows:

meaning of fleek

You can see that the frequency started to grow from the year of 2014. It has happened due to such queries as:

  • fleek eyebrows,

  • on fleek,

  • eyebrows on fleek,

  • fleek dictionary,

  • what is/does fleek.

Even if it’s famous now, it doesn’t necessarily mean, that it will last forever. Everything keeps changing, and certain slang fame is no exception. To tell the truth, it is getting less frequent even now. The reason of such reduction is the advertisement by iHop. They try to promote their products with the quote “Pancakes on fleek”. So, every time people hear this slanguage word they think of selling pancakes.

Top slang words Black people invented and White people killed

Unfortunately, it is a very common case. The list of the terms contains:

  1. nigerian slang wordsBae (often stands for babe). Initially meaning “the significant other” it was popular among the Black people (on Twitter and Instagram).

    But then it turned to the mainstream. Even the song, called “Come Get It Bae” was written. Thus, White people used it to death and said it was obnoxious.
  2. Trap (or Trap Queen/King). It has been applied for many years. But this year "Trap Queen" has been playing on mainstream radios. Now there are lots of white girls calling themselves like this, and the cover for the composition has been created. Finally, the slanguage word has died.
  3. Fleek. The term, which has been observed above. It is not the most adorable word, because its real notion is still unknown. However, Mariska Hargitay spoiled it once and for all with her Instagram post.
  4. Twerk (or Nae Nae). It stands for “all Black dances ever”. It has become quite widespread and large number of videos on uTube has appeared with white people dancing it without any coordination.
  5. Ratchet. It is something like ghetto or thashy, it may be used towards a person. And whites tend to apply it describing anything but not actually things that are ghetto or ratchet.

There exist much more such terms, which have been created by blacks. However, as soon as whites start liking them and applying them, they just die. People get tired of them and say they are obscure, strange, and so on.

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Fleek has been a very popular word until the recent time. It has a long and not fully known history of usage. There are lots of hypothesis about its appearance. However, the true and original definition is still unknown.

Owning to the latest video by Peaches Monroe, the term has received the meaning of “on point”. There are also other connotations, such as awesome, nice, and so on. The word has started to gain popularity since 2014. Nevertheless, do not forget that the fame doesn’t last forever and one day it will just come out of our everyday speech. Even now, it is already not that famous, because of the pancakes advertisement by iHop. Any extensive application makes the phrases finally die. Thus, be careful of overuse in order to keep them alive.


I frequantely heard that word one or two times in my whole life and i perennially wondered what does it signify. By virtue of this article i at last know what it is owing to that article. I have also heard such words as mist, punk, dentch and sick. I was really astonished when my step-brother told me that they all means cool and awesome. What are the odds? Greatly now when you know the definitions one can utilize them accurately and not be ashamed about not witing simple phrases and expressions. In addition fleek is also interesting word and specifically has an exquisit heritage

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