What does smh mean – 5 best slang words for Nigerians

Still guessing what those letter combinations mean? IMHO it is time to learn some slang and use it for your SMS or onilne communications.

More and more people in Nigeria prefer to use Nigerian slang instead of the everyday phrases and words. It concerns especially the younger generation, however, you can hear it quite often even from the elderly nowadays. And you may wonder what does SMH mean or other "term"? 

Language is the living organism that is changing every day. The reasons why slanguage has appeared might be different, especially in various social groups. New notions are being created, new technologies are being invented. It can also be applied by various social groups, like teenagers. It is considered a very informal language. Thus, they show they are close to each other.

commonly used slang

Situations of usage

Nowadays such words are used everywhere. The most common situations include:

  • communication on the Internet (never mind whether you talk to anyone via Skype or write in a chat – slang is very popular in both spoken and written communication),
  • SMS (writing messages may take lots of time without using slang, so younger generation often use acronyms or other short expressions),
  • Real life communication (even while talking to each other in real, teenagers prefer to apply it).

“Smh” phrase

what does smh mean

The most popular slanguage words include an acronym “smh”. According to the Urban dictionary it usually stands for Shake My Head.

Such shortening is mostly used when a person finds something so stupid, that no words can do justice of it. It can be also applied when you are disappointed with something or somebody.

Another one, given in the dictionary, says its real interpretation is “so much hate”. Despite the fact that it can be incorrect, the first dictionary meaning, as for us, is the most popular. “Smh” can be also transformed into “smfh” or “smmfh” and be used in SMS or social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and so on.

5 top slang expressions

Beside the term “smh” there are plenty of very popular words and abbreviations, used by people on the Internet. Let us have a look at the most frequently applicable of them.

  1. commonly used slang 2IMHO: it means “in my humble opinion”. You can often see it on various blogs and forums when people express their point of view on the subject.

    It is usually points that the statement being made should not be quoted as a universally recognized fact.
  2. LOL is an acronym for laughing out loud. It usually expresses great amusement in online conversations.

    However, now it is overused to the point where nobody laughs when saying it. They may not even care about what you have just told them.
  3. commonly used slang 3OMG stands for “Oh my God!”.

    Therefore, this is an exclamation for expression of surprise or disgust.

    Teenage girls like applying this abbreviation, mostly, because they cannot or too lazy to describe what they feel.
  4. TMI: this acronym means “Too much information”.

    It can be used by you, when someone tells you something you do not need or do to want to know (unnecessary details or too personal facts).
  5. FML literally denotes as “F* my life”. This abbreviation had become popular because of the movie called Superbad. People use it when nothing is going their way. There even exists the website of the same name, where users share their embarrassing stories with each other.

More such abbreviations are getting popular every day. The younger generation creates new acronyms in order to make their written speech shorter.

Where to find the slang words and their meaning

Nowadays everyone can know the meaning of every word he or she likes. You can find lots of slang dictionaries and either download or use them online.

a dictionary of slang

The most popular slang dictionaries include:

  1. Urban Dictionary. You just type the word and immediately find it. It is also possible to add your own meanings.
  2. Online Slang Dictionary. It contains not only teenagers’ slang, but English and American ones as well.
  3. Walter Rader Slang Dictionary. It is a downloadable version which consists of the most modern and usable expressions.
  4. Cockney Rhyming Slang. This dictionary has many Cockney words divided by subjects.
  5. Texting Slang Dictionary. It gives you an opportunity to find out the meaning of written acronyms or shortenings (for example, from SMS or chats).

Finding out new phrases and their definitions is obligatory if you want to communicate successfully with modern people (especially young ones).

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There are more other dictionaries containing slang. Most of them are completely free and available whatever country you live.


  • new words are being created every day,
  • slanguage usually show belonging of a person to a definite social group,
  • both close and strange people can apply slang,
  • there are several types of situations where it is appropriate,
  • with the help of acronyms, the people’s speech is becoming shorter,
  • any meaning of words may be found in special dictionaries,
  • knowing slang nowadays is necessary for successful communication.


It is very useful and not less interesting. I have been learning English since the age of 6 and continue to learn it now. But school books can not express all the dialects and all the possible expressions. You can learn them only from the native speakers or from the special Literature devoted to this topic. I like and respect this language and I am very interested in such articles. Thanks to the authors for the giving such people as me a possibility to learn more about special slengs which are not studied at school.

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