What funny movie to watch when you are sad?

We all know that when we feel sad, watching a funny movie can be helpful. We made a list of movies you should watch next time when you feel sad. Save it to get back to it next time you feel like crying!

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Frankly speaking, we have all been there: when you don’t feel like talking or doing anything. You want to eat, cry and call your best friend. At that moment all you need to do is to change your focus to something different. You will be able to solve the problem if you feel depressed; so leave it behind and only come to it when you are ready to deal with it.

Meanwhile, try watching a movie. This method has proven to be working: you will feel much better and relaxed. And that is when you will be ready to keep struggling with what you’ve been struggling before. If you are looking for movies to watch in this situation here is a list of funny movies we recommend you to go through.

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Number One Choice will be “How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days”. Let’s start with a fact that two amazing actors - Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey – are in the lead role. The primary focus of the movie is the story between these two, as they try to either repel or make the other fall in love with each other. It is a long story, but Kate is trying to lose a boyfriend in 10 days using classic girls’ mistakes when dating while Matthew is trying to make Kate fall in love with him. As you see, the plot is tricky, so make sure to watch and enjoy every minute of this funny movie.

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Another funny movie to watch is also an inspiring one. “Exit Through The Gift Shop” is a film about the greatest street art artists that are still alive. The conflict in the movie arises when the main character Guetta that came to Los-Angeles and fell in love with the street art decides to become a street artist while Banksy moves on to be a film producer. Get inspired by the history of the street art through the lens of Banksy.

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If your depression has anything to do with the aging process or if you feel sad that you are already in your 30s, then here is an inspiring movie you should watch. It’s called “Eat Pray Love”, and it is based on the story of Elizabeth Gilbert that realized that she is not living the life she always wanted to. That is when she decides to go traveling the world to discover new horizons and find new joy in life. That is how she ends up in Italy and realizes what real pleasure is, in India where she converts to a new religion and in Indonesia where she finds peace with herself. In case you need an inspiring movie amid your depression, watch it: you will love it!

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Many people claim that the movie called “12 Years Slave” is an absolute “must-watch to get inspired. It is not a funny movie, but rather a film about the real life and its hardships. The plot is centered around a man named Solomon Northup who used to be a free man, had a family and was pretty happy until one day the friends he went for a drink with sold him into slavery to William Ford. They wanted to earn some money, and since Solomon looked pretty much like a runaway slave Platt, they decided to sell him.

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He spent 12 Years in slavery, suffered from envious slaves that did not want him to become closer with the masters, angry masters that made him live in inhumane conditions and injustice. He, who was once, a free man was treated like an animal. However, at the end of the film, he meets a man who does not support slavery and is ready to risk his life for Solomon whom no one saw as anything more than just a slave. This film will remind you of the real life and how stupid and blind people can be at times. This is an inspiring movie that will help you see that your troubles are not really that big compared to other people’s ones.

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If you want to watch a funny movie just to have fun and think too much, you should watch “The Proposal.” It is a very kind family movie with lots of good American humor in it and irony. The plot is about a business lady named Margaret. She is from Canada but works in the USA as an executive editor in a publishing company. Her visa is about to expire, and the authorities inform her that she either has to live or in case she is getting married they will need proof that this marriage is not fake.

She makes her assistant Andrew pretend that they are in love and are going to start a family. In the course of a movie, Andrew takes Margaret home to meet his parents, and that is where all the fun begins. The principal character in the film is Andrew’s grandmother with her genuine naivete and sense of humor. Sure thing, Margaret, and Andrew will fall in love in the film and will live happily ever after (sorry for the spoiler, but it’s Hollywood, you know!), but on the way to the state, they will have much fun.

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The next movie on our funny movies list will be “You’ve Got Mail”. It is the kind story about two people that met online and communicated as if they know each other for a long time. Kathleen is the owner of a lovely bookshop in New York, which she received after her mother’s death. She is in love with this place and is dating a writer named Frank. However, she met another man online on the website for those who are over 30 years old.

They preferred to stay anonymous, and that is when the story begins. In real life, Kathleen hates Joe who is about to open a huge bookshop right next to the “The Shop Around The Corner”. She says that stores like his have no face and personality and only exist to make a profit. In the course of the movie her bookstore goes under, as Joe’s store attracts more people with its discounts and offers. Finally, as they realize that the secret friend that has been communicating with for a long time is the person they hated so much, they also understand that thy are madly in love. The plot is quite romantic, and the idea behind it shows that one can only truly fall in love with the person whom he deeply knows even if they have never met before.

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Another inspiring movie to watch when you are sad is “Pride and Prejudice”. This movie is for people that believe in love. And even if you do not believe in it, it will give you a new perspective on it. It is a story of a family of Mr. Bennet and the lives of his daughters. Each of them chooses a different path when waiting for a husband. However, the key role in the plot is given to Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. At first, she thinks that he is an arrogant and a spoiled gentleman who thinks well only about himself. However, in the course of the story, he falls in love with Elizabeth, and the feelings turn out to be reciprocal. But you will not find that out until almost the end of the film. The movie is very inspiring and sophisticated. For those of you who love the movies of this century, this one is going to be your favorite.

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I would probably call this movie the most inspiring one on our list. Moreover, those of you who have watched it at least once will agree with the fact that “Blind Side” is one of the most heart-warming movies ever. It is a story of an American football player Michael Oher and his great change in life. He used to be a homeless person who was once met by Leigh Anne. She took the Big Mike home and made everything in her power to let Michel feel loved and cared for. He entered a school and joined a football team to become one of its biggest champions one day. Watch this movie see that a person can dramatically transform when he sees that someone believes in him.

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Our next movie is funny and relaxing. It is about love and friendship, loyalty and compromises. Its name is “Up” and it is a cartoon about an old man and a dream of his wife he pursued to fulfill. This man went on an adventure and without even knowing about it took a young Boy Scout boy with him. They had much to learn from each other on their way to an adventure.

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I could not but mention this funny movie to you on this “movies-to-watch” list. Its name is “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”, and it will help you feel like a child once again as you dive into the story behind the curtains. The boy named Charlie decided to find out the story of Willy Wonka and his closed chocolate factory. He won the Golden Ticket that gives him a chance to enter the Willy Wonka factory on a tour, and that is when his adventures of a lifetime begin.

Throughout the tour children that also found golden tickets in their chocolate bars keep violating the rules and disappear one by one. By the end of the movie only Charlie remains on the scene and after passing a morality test Willy Wonka announces that Charlie is the only child that passed it. All the trials were made intentionally to find out the level of children’s corruption. Since Charlie was an honest kid, Willy Wonka made him his heir and let Charlie’s low-income family live at the factory and own it. This story will teach you kindness and will remind you how important it is, to be honest and keep the moral standards even if no one is watching!

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A great movie absolutely worth watching is “Life is Beautiful”. This Italian film is funny and sad, devastating and inspiring. It is about the reality of the life of Jewish people during the Nazi reign. A Jewish librarian Guido meets a wonderful woman; their love story is amazing and funny at times. Guido made much fun of the screwed fascist logic and values, played tricks on the politicians. Later, when they have their first son, the political situation in Italy changes dramatically, and Guido and his son are taken to a concentration camp. His wife, though not Jewish, voluntarily goes into it too.

Guido trying to cover the horrible reality from his son persuades him to hide in his room saving him this way from a gas chamber. Later he tells his son that they are a part of a huge contest, and the winner of it will be awarded his own tank. That is why the boy supports his father and stays alive. Guido did not make it through the camp, but the son survived and met his mother afterward. It was a sad story about that period of time in the history when Nazis persecuted Jewish people, but this story is also a great reminder of the role of a father. Watch to get inspired by an example of Guido!

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I know it is classic, but it is always a good idea to watch the “Lord of the Rings” when you feel sad. This movie will not make you happier, but it will get you intrigued and interested in the plot that you will forget everything and live the story. It can also remind you that there is always light amidst the darkness. This is a story of friendship, love, and loyalty with fights and conflicts of powers on the background. Everyone has to watch the “Lord of the Rings” at least once in a lifetime. The movie is not only funny and inspiring but has a very high quality of the picture. Therefore, you will receive the aesthetic pleasure as well.

As you see, there is a plenty of choices for you. You can watch a funny movie, an inspiring one as well as the one that will make your heart melt. Save this list and watch these movies next time you feel down in your spirit.

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