What happened to Ugo Matthews, a young Nigerian comedian?

Is the life of a Nigerian comedian Ugo Matthews ended? Is he dead? Learn the sad news now!

 Ugo Matthews

Last year the death of Dede One Day has become a real tragedy for Nigeria. Then more deaths of the Nollywood celebs, sportsmen and politicians followed. Now we hear the news of Ugo Matthews, an upcoming comedian being dead, is that true?

What happened to Ugo Matthews, a young Nigerian comedian?

He was also a producer working at Wazobia TV. We hear the news of him passing away from his friends, such as Alibaba. They got on the social media to report the news.

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 young Nigerian comedian

Some people say he is just sick and not dead and he needs our prayers. But unfortunately that is not true. The cause of his death remains unknown for now.

His life was full of promise and the man possessed such a talent to make others laugh and enjoy their lives. It’s a grave loss. R.I.P., Ugo Matthews!

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