What is culture?

Culture shapes our mentality, our lives and our future. It comes from the past, but has a significant power in our daily lives. Learn what it is.

The word “culture” is tightly related to tilling soil and growing food, because that is where it was initially used. It’s a part of the word “agriculture” and was adapted into English from the French language. Culture consists of several major elements, such as language, art, food, etiquette, religion, music, etc.

Moreover, culture has a certain way of being installed into people. Mostly culture is acquired through socialization, but it can also be learned from books and other sources.

Culture results in various manifestations, such as behavioral patterns in the community it is practiced in. it can be said that culture forms group identity in people or their collective mind and habitual behaviors.

Types of culture

  • Elite cultureElite culture 1
    This culture is innate to the higher levels of society. It can differ much from the overall country culture. It is tightly related to family background, social standing, level of education, availability of arts, etc. This culture is mostly exercised by a small and high end group of people. Such culture can be found in many regions and would vary from country to country.
  • Global culture
    These days the world has definitely become a smaller place. People used to be separated by long travels from each other and each nation has developed its own culture. Today people can easily communicate, interact and travel all over the world. They move from country to country. Which is more, there are many global corporations that create and install global culture wherever they go. Global culture is expressed in those similarities you can see almost in any country of the world: fast food, famous brands, similar fashion and foods, music and art, etc. And, of course English language as a part of global culture.

    Corporate culture
  • Corporate culture
    This culture is developed within large corporations and companies. It helps people to be on the same ground and establish high standards of work and service. These standards can differ in different companies.
  • Pop culture
    Popular culture is mostly promoted through TV, Internet and modern art and music. It helps uniting people, who come from different backgrounds and cultures and provides them with touch points in communication. 
  • MulticulturalismSubculture
    Mostly subculture is formed by young people. These are the minorities inside of a larger culture, which get united by one idea and develop certain expressions: fashion styles, music, art, religion, etc. 
  • Multiculturalism
    This type of culture is a mix of different cultures living side by side. They create a cultural mix and interchange ideas, behavioral patterns, language, food, fashion, etc.

Types of culture in Nigeria

Nigeria has a very complicated situation in regards to culture. This country has many different tribes living on its territory. They all come from their background, speak different languages and diversify by their religious beliefs. Let’s make a brief overview of the main kinds of Nigerian culture.

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YorubaWhat is culture 1
This group of people is particularly united by language. They speak Yoruba language, but they come from different tribes and families. In Nigeria this group mainly occupies west of the country. Besides language this culture is united by its religion. People believe they all are descendants of a certain person called Odua and they have developed their specific religious beliefs.
As a matter of fact, lots of Yorubas were taken to America and sold into slavery.  This culture is based upon family and friendship values.

IgboWhat is culture 6
This is the next dominating culture in Nigeria and the people who were brought up in it occupy the south of the land. These people practice their own religion and speak their language. Main cultural values are respect for elderly people and for men. Men here can marry several women. There is only one criterion here: get as many wives as you can support.

What is culture? 3Edo
The name Edo stands both for the language name and people group name. These people reside in the Edo state located in the southern and western parts of Nigeria. One can distinct several ethnic groups within the Edo people. The history of this culture is rich..
It goes back to the Kingdom of Benin, which existed many centuries ago and considered to be the 4th oldest kingdom of Africa. Edo culture singles out from other Nigerian culture by its food, festivals, fashion in clothes, dances, etc.

Overall Nigerian culture is shaped by the presence of different cultural groups within it. Multiculturalism is one of its main traits. Its territory is inhabited by over 500 smaller tribes with their own languages and subculture. The uniting factor for the culture of this country is English language studied in the majority of the families and schools. It enables local people to communicate with each other and shapes general culture of this land.


A very important concept of culture. After all, this concept comes to us from ancestors. It has many facets. Perfectly written by everything about culture and what it is. In each country they honor their own culture. With malechku parents said the children be cultural. But as a child we thought that this is just beautiful of culture behave. And growing up we learned in school this term. With articles learned about all kinds of culture. It was very interesting to learn about the culture of Nigeria.

Answered 2 years ago.

Сulture is rather wide and versatile notion. As every country has its own cultural traditions, at the same time there are some culture which is accepted all around the world. Everybody knows the main notions of the worlds cultural behavior and cultural traditions supported everywhere. Also, there are some traditions in every country, which were set and developed during many hundreds of years. Such cultural traditions of one particular country may be supposed as wierd and strange to the people living outside this country.

Answered 2 years ago.

I also was wondering at an issue "What is culture? What is multiculturalism(its pros and cons?)". Up to our days a lot of countries are multicultural because of a great fusion of nations. Now people are free to choose where to go, where to live and so, wherever they go, they bring a part of their culture with them and get it into interaction with other cultures. There are some cons in multinational countries. However, we should point at the advantages of multicultiralism. Every nation is very proud of their own traditions, so it causes the desire to keep up national traditions and show them to other nations . The difference unites nations. It sounds like a paradox but still that statement is true.

Answered 2 years ago.

In reality, in my opinion, there are two trends of culture is not personality dependent culture is not dependent on the outside world and group imposed on the people culture in which dense depends on traditions, religion, idols and other group ideals.

No longer a secret that the management of people prefer a group culture requires virtually no special effort because enough one person from the group to interest or convince something and the whole group will follow her example.

Group culture is practically supported by the government of each country in difference from a culture of individuals of interest to only a small segment of society.

In General, culture is a way of managing people.

Answered 2 years ago.

I have found this article extremely interesting. Because this question about culture is one of those questions that seems very easy to answer at first but when you think about it, you do not even know what to say. I think that culture is mainly the combination of people and traditions. It is extremely fascinating that there are so many different nations and countries and each one have its own culture that it is truly worth learning about.

Culture of Nigeria is also very interesting and fascinating. I have been reading about it for almost 2 months and i discover some truly fascinating things about its history

Answered 2 years ago.

In my opinion, culture is the one of the main reasons for the unification of the any country. But if the country multiculturalism is really popular, then people should look for some common interests that can unite the country in one.

I always wondering how as such a number of cultures can stand on one country.

But anyway all of that cultures are main. And each of them has the right to life. I really like the culture of Nigeria, cos it is very saturated, learn something new and unusual about this country is very interesting for me.

Answered 2 years ago.
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