What is the best dance move Makkosa, Galala, Alanta or Etighi?

Do you like Nigerian dances? But which of them is the most appropriate for you? Which one will best suit the occasion? Find out all the interesting peculiarities of modern dance moves and choose one you like the most!

What is the best dance move

Latest Nigerian dance moves

Nowadays there are plenty of wonderful dances, created by Nigerians. Some of them are kind of ancient, as they have appeared long time ago in the tribes. The others are quite modern, because they have been created by contemporary Nigerian artists or dancers. In the most cases, these dances are connected with the development of African music. You can see it from their names. Well, there exists large number of them, but let’s observe the most popular ones right now:

Latest Nigerian dance moves

  • Makkosa. It is not just a Nigerian thing. In fact, this dance is popular all over Africa. It is often called African Rumba. Besides this, it has lots of names, such as, for instance, Soukous. The truth is that it has conquered every nation on the continent and people just adore it. As for its history, it takes its origins from the countries like Congo, Uganda, Tanzania, and some other French-speaking countries of West Africa. It first appeared in the late 1990s. During that time is was the most famous dance, which replaced all the others. Many modern celebrities like Massosa. You can see its movements in the videos and performances by Koffi Olomide and Awilo Longomba. Besides, it is widely used during parties.
  • Galala. This type is usually connected with ghetto. The reason is that since its birth, it has become a common thing in every community of such kind in Nigeria. Nowadays it is highly associated with Reggae music. It is hard to find an actual creator, as some people are sure it is Daddy Showkey, while the others claim it’s Father U-turn. Anyway, Daddy Showkey was the one, who made Galala so widespread and popular in the 1990s. Nowadays Nigerians still like it very much. It is applied by many modern artists, including Baba Fryo and Burna Boy.
  • Alanta. It is a kind of original Nigerian dance. It appeared in 2007, in the suburb of Lagos (Ajegunle). It was released by Artquake in musical video, called Alanta. Many people say that Alanta expresses creativity and humor of Nigerians. This dance has managed to find a way to every part of people’s life, including churches, work places, and, of course, dance shows. Plenty of musicians within the country have also helped to popularize Alanta. Among them, there are Terry G, Timaya, 2Face Idibia, and many others.
  • Etihgi. It is a new-school dance. It comes from Calabar, State of Akwa Ibom. It is often mix the movements and steps from the other dance, known as Azonto. It is widely associated with Iyanya. He has released a video for Kurere song, where this style is applied. Moreover, this dance has the same roots as he has. Other artists use Etihgi as well.

These are the most famous dances, which are quite popular all over Nigeria and Africa. You can choose one you like and try to learn the steps.


Dances are a great part of Nigerian culture. Some of them are old, while the others have appeared just a few years ago. Now, when you know more about the most famous of them, you can watch videos and to learn dancing. Express yourself and open new talents. Thus, you may become a part of popular culture today!


I love to watch the Nigerian dances. These dances are very deep content and exciting movements. These movements not everyone can be repeated. Most Nigerian dances are ancient. Many movements are used that have been invented tribes. Very well written in the text of the latest Nigerian dance moves. My daughter recently became interested in these dances. Want to learn all about Nigerian dances. And here I suggest it interesting information. Thank you for the text. It will radisttyu for my daughter.

Answered 2 years ago.

I love dancing. I myself love to dance and learn various new movements. Especially like different Nigerian dances. I love to learn these movements. Like most African rumba, it is nyzyvayut Makkosa. Also I like Galala, Alanta, and others. Although it is very difficult to learn different moves, but I try and I pretty well. Of course I still have far to famous dancers Nigeria, but I try and I will work on himself. This requires a lot of time and effort. Do not easily given. There are also dancers have passed through it.

Answered 2 years ago.
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