What is the easiest everyday hijab tutorial?

Do you know how to make a hijab in the easiest way and use this method daily? Find some answers in this article!

hijab tutorial

Many wonder how to wear hijab properly and how to make it properly. Let us observe some of the easiest hijab tutorials to be performed daily.

What is hijab?

what is hijab

Hijab is a special kind of veil covering the women’s head and chest. Most widely it is practiced by Muslim women. They are ought to wear it before hitting the puberty and in the presence of adult males which are not referred to their family.
Hijab serves as a symbol of modesty and privacy. From Arabic it means “screen” or “curtain”.
What is interesting, in 2013 it was decided to create a World Hijab Day. I6t is celebrated on the February 1. During this day many women, Islamic and non-Islamic, experience the practice of wearing a hijab.

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Here are some of the easiest ways to make a hijab, proposed by the Internet.

hijab tutorial

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