What Nigerian movies are the most romantic?

Looking for a great Nigerian movie to watch? Want to watch a film that will make your heart melt? Here is a list of Nigerian movies about true love that will make you forget the world and watch it!

Nigerian movies

The idea of making lists of things and saving them for later is a good idea. That is why we created a list of great Nigerian movies that will make your heart melt and beat again even on the saddest day. Right now you can meet thousands of articles saying that they know the names of 20, 30 or 50 best Nigerian movies for you to watch. However, we did our best really to present you the best ones and not to waste your time.

The information given in this article is a result of numerous comments and suggestions left by experienced experts in the area. They rated the Nigerian films about the love they watched according to the plot and acting skills as well as any other aspects. Therefore, meet ten movies experts considered to be worth calling them the best Nigerian romantic movies of all times. Most of the films were made in Nollywood; however, there are few that were produced in Ghallywood.

Nigerian movies my darling princess

And number one movie on our list will be “My Darling Princess”. The film was produced in 2009, and it has everything a good romantic movie needs: drama, determination, and the victory of love over everything else. The film touches the questions of tribalism and tradition in Nigeria. The story starts with a girl from a royal family of Yoruba tribe and a boy from Ibo tribe. They seem to fall in love; however, their parents will not them be together. The lady is going to be a Queen one day; that is why her Husband will be nominated as a King of the tribe. And it is unacceptable for the Yoruba people to have Ibo boy being their King.

Meanwhile, Ibo boy parents state that the girl from the Yoruba family is useless, and prohibit him from seeing her and dating her. The couple starts dating behind the backs of their parents in a hotel. That is when both parents find out about this, and the best scene of the movie comes up. The Ibo family comes to visit the Yoruba family, and hey raise the question of traditional stereotypes and reason of hostile attitude of one tribe to the other. The Ibo people call Yoruba stupid, as they are so lazy in the view of their royal blood that they have no idea what it means to work and make money. Ibo people laugh at Yoruba people by putting them on the same line with world’s famous royal families as an attempt to belittle the value of their royal blood.

On the other hand, Yoruba people claim that they hold on to their traditions, and that is what they can be proud of unlike the materialistic Ibo people. The scene is the bright one! It shows all the anger the tribes have against each other, and they only needed some reason to ignite this whole fire. Watch the movie get the taste of the issues of traditions, tribalism and royalty claim you.

Nigerian movies shattered romance

Number 2 romantic Nigerian movie on our list is called “Shattered Romance.” The movie is basically about four people, Susan, Desmond, Peggy, and Jerry. Susan and Desmond are about to get married. However, Desmond has a secret affair with Peggy. Meanwhile, Susan used to go out with Jerry; that is why after they met once in a hotel hallway, they cannot stop thinking about each other. They end up kissing; which is not so bad compared to Desmond’s sleeping with Peggy. The words chosen as a motto for this Nigerian romantic movie is “When you are truly in love, being faithful is no a sacrifice, it is a joy”. It is no always clear what the producers meant by that in the view of a complicated story line in the movie, since both of the engaged main characters cheated on each other and are not sure of what decision they are to make in this situation. However, you cannot deny that the plot sounds intriguing.

The problems of faithfulness, morality, and devotion in the film are the core ones. The characters struggle with the inner desire of being faithful and the desire to be with the one who seems to be the real love.  The film is worth watching, as it will make you ask important questions about yourself.

Nigerian movies Ghetto love

Number three on our list of Nigerian movies about true love is “Ghetto Love”. This is the video produced in Ghallywood. “Ghetto Love” was released in 2015. It truly is a movie about love and dignity. A guy named George was once lucky enough to walk to a group of guys trying to rape a passerby. Being a gentleman, though a rubber, he did his best to save her life.  Will not tell you the whole story; however, you should know that they are destined to fall in love.  The main characters are Segun Arinze, Ini Edo, and Emeka Enyiocha. Knowing this starring crew, the movie promises to be amazing.

Nigerian movies my girlfriend

The next film on our list will be “My Girlfriend”. It is one of those movies that you can watch together with your boyfriend: those will be the best and the most romantic moments in the relationship. This video can teach you a lot, and you can learn from mistakes of the main characters on what it means to be loyal and supportive, faithful and determined and what it means to be there for each other. Therefore, unlike other films where you just stick to the screen without thinking involved much, this movie will trigger you to think and implement what you saw into your life. So watch it and enjoy!

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Nigerian movies keep my love

One more Nigerian film full of romance and intrigues is “Keep My Love”. The film is about…. Well, abut many things. It touches the idea of raping: one of the guys from a gang raped a girl and stated that he enjoyed it even though the girl was scared and tried to escape. His gang companions contradict him saying that there is no pleasure in intimacy this way.

The other thing touched here is that love can transform a life of the biggest criminal. That is how we see a leader of the gang falling in love. He sees a girl on a bus they were about to robber, and instead of robbing the coach he wants her to like him, so he cancels the plan. He is not afraid of the anger of his companions, as love is what really bothers him now. He starts following the girl, and they end you having a relationship. His attitude to robbery and to the things he does changes, but he cannot leave everything that easy, so he has to lie to the girl and look for ways to leave robbery behind him.

The intrigue in the film is always in the place. You will keep wondering whether the girl will find out about his “job,” as there are situations where she is quite close to getting to the truth while he is trying t come up with new lies to cover his gang activity. The other intrigue is the fact that he wants to leave the robbery, and you don’t know what is stronger – his love for the girl or his sinful nature and desire of easy profit. So watch the movie find out the outcome yourself.

Nigerian movies My gift of love

Another great Nigerian movie about true love is called “My Gift of Love.” The name of the movie says a lot about itself. The love in it is represented as a real gift that not all people value and strive for. Unfortunately, not all people get a chance to experience real love in their life. Some don’t get because they are too focused on other things like career or self-realization, others because they do not try their best in the relationships to save them and protect from the bad influence. However, this is just an introduction for you to change the perspective on what the love is, and maybe even change the perspective on the relationship you have in your life.

Nigerian movies somewhere in my heart

The next movie on our list is a Nigerian romantic movie called “Somewhere in My Heart.” This story is about Chuka and his family drama. He lives with his mother in a city. He doesn’t know his father and a brother who live in a village away from the city. One day, as he decides that he is big enough to visit them, he has an argument with his mother, who does not want to let him go there, and leaves for that village. They are no longer on good terms with his mother, so he does not return her calls, as he gets to the village.

In the village, his brother is dating a girl. Chuka sees her and falls in love despite her manners and accent of a loud village girl. He pursues her into her workplace and tells her about his feelings. The brother had no idea at first. The two of the lovebirds keep struggling back and forth with their feelings. The story with its plot will keep you intrigued the whole film. It is worth watching to get the taste of what it is like the Brotherhood and its standards as well as a nature of seduction. The girl was seduced by Chuka to have intimacy; however, he seems to be losing interest to her afterward. Anyway, you should watch the movie and see what it all is about yourself.

 when the heart lies Nigerian movies

Finally, we are getting to a movie called “When the Heart Lies.” It was filmed in 2009, and still is a favorite movie for many Nigerians. It was a huge hit on the market when it came out, and still is as it raises a lot of questions including those of secrets about the past that haunt you, talent and religion. One Nigerian pastor had a daughter of a great talent in singing. However, she is not that pure as he might think of her: she had abandoned a child at birth not willing to carry a daughter-to-be as a burden. Moreover, she decides to leave her home and pursue a career as a singer.

Her father does not share her enthusiasm at first. Later when he sees that she is determined to choose a career of a secular musician instead of staying and helping him at the church, he disowns her and tells her that she is no longer his daughter as long as she does not change her mind. Unfortunately, she does not. She leaves for a new place and takes a talented young girl with her. As it turns out in the movie, that girl is actually her birth daughter she abandoned. What a turn! Watch this fantastic Nigerian movie to see the issue of parents and children raised and shown in a new light in the plot line of the main character and her father, and the young new talent and the main character who is her mother.

Nigerian movies cruz

Let us move on. Our next Nigerian movie we highly recommend to watch is known as “Cruz.” The movie is really a continuation of the “End of Cruz”. The story was written by Uyi K Osifo, who later became the producer of the film. The film raises the problems like desperation, love, marriage and affairs on the side throughout the plot. Osas gets out of the relationship with James who turned out to be marrying a different movie. Moreover, Osas does not just stop there but starts a new search for a man of her dream, and starts dating a guy named Jay who is a musician and seems to be crazy about her.

Meanwhile, wife of James right after they got married begins an affair with Cruz on the side. All these stories seem to be not connected to one another. However, all these people are involved in a huge affair with its struggles and morality tests. However, there are many moments when the movie seems to be illogical and silly, and the characters are too naïve or even blind to the evil motives behind the actions of other people. But that is what the whole plot is based on.

Unfortunately, we need to warn you that some characters might not have enough character development, like for instance that if Lizzy. She seems to be illogical when one day she feels guilty for sleeping with her friend’s man and then she turns out to be jealous of him and her and even hysterical about everything. There is no smooth transition of these her states of mind, and that is why the story seems to be unrealistic and even annoying. Still, this movie depicts life, a real life, with all its ugliness and stupidity at times. Therefore, this makes it worth watching.

Nigerian movies lonely hearts

Finally, the last movie on our list of romantic Nigerian movies is “Lonely Hearts”. The movie is starring Belinda Effah, Kenneth Okolie, Desmond Elliot, Okey Uzoeshi, etc. The movie has a few main characters. The first of them is Aima, who was thrown away from her house by her older sister with addictions and financial troubles. Having nowhere else to go, she takes her stuff into the office. Her colleague, Charles, offers to take her home, and when she says that it is not comfortable, he assures her that he is gay, so she agrees to live with him. Meanwhile, the guy that lives with Charles now has to pretend to be gay too. In the course of the movie they both fall in love with her, but can do nothing about it in the view of the lie they started. In the end, Aima finds out the truth and feeling betrayed leaves their house.

The other plot line is a famous producer and his wife. They do not get along; he can even beat her, but they have to save their face in public, so they keep pretending that everything is okay. One day, one of the producers whom she works with notices the conflict in the marriage. It is then that she decides to leave her husband and go on a date with this new producer. The story is very unusual, take only two men fighting for a woman who does not even know they are straight and keeps thinking that they are just friendly. Watch it and get a new perspective on what love is and how falling in love feels like at all the ages.

This is a list you should save for the next time you feel like watching a romantic movie made in Nigeria. They have something for you to learn from as well places to have a good laugh. Whichever one you choose, be sure to have a great evening in front of a screen with a few beautiful love stories.

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