What This Facts about the weird Tribes cultures and traditions ?

What This Facts about the weird Tribes cultures and traditions ?

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Every country has their bizarre rituals and traditions. States vary by religion, rituals, and practices. Often these lead to injuries or even tragic death.

In San Fernando, Pampanga in the Philippines every Holy Week or Lenten Season they do the flagellation, for some beliefs that doing this kind of sacrifices means good health and blessings to their families. Some do it as an act of repentance. The so-called “patients” wound their backs with razor blades before they join the “whipping” rituals on the way to their stations (station of the Cross). Others choose the crucifixion for their personal reasons for their sacrifices, and others do the rolling on a thorny bed as in the image below.

Blood Libel (Drinking of fresh blood)

This Blood libel or drinking fresh human blood from young girls or young lady offered as sacrifices to the gods and goddesses. After the ritual of drinking blood, they dismembered the body and burned the body. According to some, a religious group or sects are being accused of murdering Muslim and Christian young women to drink their blood.

The traditional boxing of Hausa people of the Sahara desert in the region of West Africa is called the Art of Dambe. Shago, is a famous Dambe athlete of all time in Northern Nigeria. Dambe is a kind of boxing sports using their fists, feet and head. “Damben Karfe, meaning ‘iron boxing’ referring to hand-held punching, using “mazagi”, the first layer covering dip in broken pieces of glass, and shape roundly with cloth protruding from the hand. Although this is an illegal sport they continue to practice this dangerous game, which is an ancient sport but not familiar outside continental Africa.

Mayoruna Tribes, Brazil and Peru

The bizarre practice of the Mayorunas or Matses Indians, using the toxin extracted from an ‘arboreal’ poison frog found at the Amazonian rainforest, and inject it into their bodies. This was a practice over a hundred years by Mayoruna and Matis tribes. According to studies, the poison-frog toxins can cause brain damage and can lead to Alzheimer’s disease, depression or Parkinson’s disease. After injecting the poison, one experienced vomiting, trance-like feeling, rapid heartbeat and nausea. Soon the person awake from deep sleep, he can hunt for a long period without even feeling hungry or exhausted. Their beliefs of injecting the toxin increases their strength, stamina and endurance and the “hunting magic” makes them “invincible hunters”.

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