What were the most unusual ways to prove masculinity for men around the world?

Have you ever thought of actions that lead to becoming a man? Read this article to find out about the craziest manhood proving rituals!


Becoming a man concerns many factors. It’s not only the age or finding a job. It’s an abstract process and everyone knows that to become a man, you’re supposed to grow psychologically and reach some heights. But in some countries there are certain rites and procedures which are considered necessary for young guys to prove their manhood.

Let’s take a look at the craziest of them.

Vanuatu Land Diving


Being born as a member of the South Pacific Vanuatu, by the time when you get eight years old  it's high time to prove your masculinity. And what can be better to prove that you’re ready to take on the challenges and responsibilities of adult life than stripping naked and bungee diving off a rickety 100-foot-tall platform?
By the way, instead of stretchy bungee ropes, they use vines. These things have always been used to drop grapes and tomatoes every season. The ritual has to impress both the gods and the ladies. The Vanuatu people also realized that and decided that the gods would only be impressed if the boy's head touched the ground.

Circumcision in Australia


The Aborigines of Australia have a very terrible rite of circumcision.
The ceremony begins by taking a 15- to 16-year-old boy to a lonely place with a number of tribesmen. Then, during 2 or 3 hours long, they sing a relaxing song for a boy. It is intended to get him ready for what’s coming. Then, two men get on their hands and knees together, and the boy climbs on the top of their backs. While they do the cutting operation, the boy is expected to show no signs of pain.
The second part of the operation starts the next week. One of the very few men, who have witnessed this ceremony, documented it in his diary:

"A hole was pierced right through his sex organ near the root, and there was inserted into it, at either end, a splinter to keep the aperture from growing together again. The object was to ensure that henceforth the urine and the sperm would be ejected through this little hole high up on the sex organ, instead of by the normal channel."
The idea is to give these guys an opportunity to have sex without impregnating a woman unless they cover the newly made hole.

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Matis Hunting Trials


The ritual for recruiting boys into the ranks of the tribe hunters begins with splashing a bitter poison directly into their eyes in order to improve their vision and enhance the senses.  
The next trial includes beatings and whippings.
The concluding test takes place around an inoculation of local frogs that just happen to secrete nature's death juice. After burning an area of the skin, the frog poison is injected with the use of a wooden needle. The poison is believed to increase strength and endurance.
Once the boys prove themselves able to stand these trials, they are supposed to perform them before every future hunt they take part in.

Cow Jumping


Around ages 12 through 15, Ethiopian boys of the Hamar tribe are expected to make a leap over the rope of cows!
Once the Hamar boy passes the cow-jumping test, he earns the respect given to a man and also becomes an eligible to participate in the Hamar women-beating ceremony, where the girls of Hamar happily volunteer to prove their devotion to their husbands by being ceremonially hit and whipped.

It’s logical to conclude that we’re happy to live in a civilized world, where becoming doesn’t have to concern a physical pain or dangerous kinds of activity.

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