What were the signs of gender inequality in ancient African society?

What were the signs of gender inequality in ancient African society? Find out everything you wanted to know about differences between men and women in African society.

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Understanding old Africa within the framework of colonization, the establishment of Christianity and the debasing of cultural values, different cultural abilities as well as the intentional cancellation of Women’s roles, due to the colonial authorities, within African culture and sub-culture, text and contest will give this interesting article a clear three spatial focus and pure accepting of African Women and real gender inequality in our 21st century.

Gender inequality examples and gender inequality in Africa

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Gender inequality facts bothered the whole continent for many years. Adjustment in Ancient Africa and its societies was pursued by a cut off, suffering and estrangement of the African womenfolk. So when there is a major change of any kind, ladies are always the first to suffer from it as well as the kids. While 1896 British Punitive Expedition, which was in Benin (nowadays Nigeria), the Oba of Benin Kingdom was strained from his High Palace to the center because the British wished monopoly over the Palm Oil trade. And the British were first, who attacked the ladies and kids and used this special plan to force a resignation and submission of the Benin Kingdom, the future surrender and catching of King Ovonramwen Nobaisi that was murdered in exile later.

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The mix-up for Africa, colonial policies of exploitation and land grabbing led to huge hardship and turmoil. Well, for example ladies’ admission to land, was taken from them by the colonial authorities and hence their own power. The old colonial educational system, the finish of all traditional systems of education and hence different traditional knowledge seized to be passed on. The lack of success to pass on all traditional educational knowledge is the true reason why now Africa is under-developed.   And the colonial authorities’ Victorian views in case of women’s roles that in result led to the annulment of women’s leading status in different African societies. So at this time European ladies had no rights at all and they belonged to their fathers and husbands. Whereas one person cannot lay any blame at the feet of some colonialists for the situation that has happened to Africa one does have to impartially put into context, where all the troubles began. Most of our countries were not the natural products of organic connection of popular languages, cultures or identities, hence ladies suffered grave injustices. In pre-colonial Africa political and economic status, the social position of women was major to a lot of other different cultures around the world.

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For example, Ibn Battuta, a Muslim researcher, said, there were impressive achievements made in some parts of Africa, which he visited, and the freedom that African women used. At that date Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Angola, Ethiopia, and among the Sudan and the Berbers, for example, women at the head of the army reigned in many cases fought against the European invasion. In West Africa, the Kingdom of Dahomey (Benin), had a standing army of different female warriors, well- known as the Amazons, their reputation of combat skills and courage instilled fear in the hearts of the men around them.

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It is considered by some people that ladies are legends such as Stagecoach Mary (1832-1914), the very tough woman of the Wild West in America, took her passion and love for the trouble, sharp shooting and steel from her ancestors in Dahomey. Her fame is not nonsense, she was the first brawler who broke the other man's nose in the WWF wrestling matches, and it eventually led her to become a leading security for Stagecoach United States Postal Service. Today she is celebrated as the first black employee of the US postal service.

African lady play a core role in the policies, management, on family and social life in different ancient societies and also cultures. Females had a very strong role, and were ahead of their Western counterparts by a lot of centuries, if not to say thousands of years. Their depictions of beauty are more visible and more noticeable yet salient and non-sexual, The Mbalantu Namibia Women defined their beauty on the length and thickness of their hair as shown in the pics below.

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Furthermore, the Bible records Queen Candace of Ethiopia, more than two thousand years ago. Women were the main food producers; wedding wealth gave the status of women and the power. Women had the power house of trade and market exchange, for example, Nigeria Egba women, created and organized conduct within the male and female marriage and usually arranged marriages. Also there existed a double gender of the political system.

Gender inequality in society

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Basil Davidson, in his book: The Lost Cities of Africa described the high status of ladies in ancient Mali. Achebe also among other authors gives some idea of the situation of women in antiquity. It works in many regions of Africa in the present day countries, such as: Nigeria, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Uganda, Egypt and Rwanda (until the Arab invasion thousands years ago), and a lot of other regions. Ladies participated in the ruling of public affairs and had a collection of women alongside men.

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Ancient women are also actively involved in the potter's art, traditional medicines, body art and painting and drugs, science, technology and fabric making.

The arrival of the foreign builders and colonizer of the empire led to the disintegration of the different ancient African cultural systems. After the socialist democratic system, which replaced Paramount Chiefs, puppets and puppet kings seized the land and collected taxes for their white masters to take abroad. Some have access to their natural and human resources, while others were forced to conduct a continuous war with its neighbors (for the slaves) risking to die.

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Capture of agricultural land for the cultivation of rubber (as in Mozambique, Congo, etc.), cocoa (in Côte d'Ivoire, Buganda (Uganda), coffee (in the Ghana, Ashanti) has led to the restoration of the role of African women in different respective societies. Then the men were forced into manual labor products planting, which had fundamental importance to local communities. As an example, in the Belgian Congo, more than 1 million Africans lost their arms or legs as a strict punishment for failure to deliver the required number of rubber for Belgium export to Europe.

Among the main issues that I mentioned above, now some African women are the poorest in the world. Many of these are food manufacturers, but do not have access to land.

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Nowadays, economically, African ladies are basically in the informal sector, that is, hawkers, hairdressers, market small traders, etc., so they cannot get access to credit, or any other social protection systems. In the workplace, they often face discrimination, abuse and exploitation. From a political point of view, they faced little representation and are often marginalized. In most African regions and countries, ladies' rights are not entrenched in the Constitution, and they are not being implemented in practice. The judicial system often favors men over women and often attempts to buy the silence of rape victims and their families. Also, socially, women often face rape and violence in marriage, but in most African countries, it is not recognized as a crime. Women also face HIV / AIDS infection from their partners, who often refuse to use any form of needed protection. Cultural practices such as female genital mutilation are still practiced.

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However, African women resist! It is the story of the legendary coach Mary, African women and black women around the world sharpen their elbows and square up for a fist fight to be re-granted to a worthy position in the society. In Rwanda, there are much more female representatives in iits parliament than in the UK, for example. A lot of women all over Africa gained access to several micro credit finance companies, which enabled them to create businesses, and send their kids to school, just as is done in a few Asian countries. In other countries, such as South Africa, there have been some changes in the laws on rape. While telephony and Internet have unpowered a lot of women.  Misunderstanding of gender inequality definition still bothers the African countries.

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