What would be the public holiday days off during the festive season 2015?

Holidays are here! Enjoy the season and find out when would be the days off in 2015 for Nigerians.

Ready to party? The festive season is here and even Google has started the celebration by introducing its first doodle today called the Tis The Season! What would be the public holidays in 2015 at the end of the year for Nigerians? We know it already. Here is some good news for you and a list of the days off:

public holiday in nigeria

December 24 - Maulud Nabi

maulud nabi day

Federal government announced that this holy day for Muslims would also be an official day off for all Nigerians. This day Islamic world celebrates the birthday of the key person in this religion – Prophet Muhammad.

Half of the population in Nigeria are Muslims. No wonder that this day should become one of the public holidays. Even though initially this celebration was not part of the Islamic order, it has been introduced on the early stages of its development. Presently, it has firmly become a part of Muslim society.

As to the Christians, who celebrate the Christmas Even on the 24th this holiday would only contribute to their joy and preparations.

December 25 – Christmas day

Christmas holiday in Nigeria

This day is celebrated as the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ by the Catholic world. On the other hand, Orthodox Church celebrates it on January 7th. As the other half of the Nigerian population is Christian, this day becomes very significant for the country. People attend church services to honor and praise their God for the great gift He has given to the world.

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December 28 – Boxing day

boxing day public holiday nigeria 

In UK this day is celebrated on the 26th of December. People open up and unwrap the gifts and enjoy them. They also throw away and dispose of all the wraps and boxes (that’s the origin of the name). They also share gifts with the poor and do charity. It’s a nice chance to spend more time with your family and relax. The holiday is also celebrated in New Zealand, Canada, Australia and India.

This year Nigerians would be able to take rest and enjoy themselves during these public holidays and accumulate more strength and vigor for the upcoming year. 

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Celebration of Christmas - the biggest holiday in the world. But depending on their religions celebrated on different days and months. I think people in Nigeria, the Christian faith is not that zasmutyatsya holiday December 24 is not only for Muslims but for all Nigerians. All like extra holidays and weekends. What would a man of faith was not necessary to respect its choice. Each country celebrates its most important holidays differently.

Answered 2 years ago.

To rest loved by everybody. And, of course, nice to relax together, especially when it is for a great reason – Christmas and New Year. And, of course, we all love a day of holiday gifts – December 28. All these holidays unite us as never before. We love this time – a time of gifts, praises, prayers, cheerful mood. About half of the population of Nigeria are Christians, so I am sure that in Nigeria now will be unforgettable holidays. Christmas has come to our land, but the Christmas spirit will be with us for a long time.

Answered 2 years ago.
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