Where did Yoruba originated from?

Yoruba people are numerous. But they keep hiding the secrets of their origin. Where are they really from? Who are their ancestors?

African Yoruba people are numerous and well known. Its history and the present life are very interesting. Even modern Nigerians who live in the big cities are wondering ‘where does Yoruba originated from’.  You’ll find all the answers right now and right here.

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Who is called Yoruba?

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In fact, there are lots of kindred nations. They are very numerous. There are more than 30 million of representatives belonging to the Negroid race and living in West Africa in the area of ​​the river Niger. This distribution area covers several countries: Nigeria, Ghana, Togo and Benin.

Where does Yoruba originated from?

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There is no certain information. The archeologists found a lot of ancient pieces that proved that this nation is extremely old. But when and how did it appear? No one knows even now. According to the legend, the Yoruba tribe came from the east. The legendary ancestor of the Yoruba people is considered to be Oduduva. The Yoruba genome was examined and scientist detected from 0.2% to 0.7% Neanderthal genes.

Did Yoruba originated from Benin?

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Yes, we can say that Yoruba people originated from Benin. But not only from Benin. Some ancient remains made by these people were found nearby too.

How do Yoruba people live in Africa now?

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Language and religion of the Yoruba people, even today, is extremely interesting and attractive for the scientists. They are sure that story of this tribe is quite unique. These Africans are the creators of a particular civilization in this part of the continent, which is known as the holy city-state called Ile Ife. Hitherto its excavations cause a lot of questions and hypotheses, so the interest is only rising. Ile Ife was and is a special place for the African people.

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These people are often highly-educated and smart. They are very numerous, so they speak different languages. The most popular ones are: Yoruba, French and English. Of course, at first Yoruba language was the most popular one. Also there are different dialects.

There are different religious: Christianity (60%), Islam (30%), and traditional belief (10%). Traditional Yoruba religion has always been important to the people of Nigeria as it was created in these areas. So now many of people confess it. This is a mix of magic and religious concepts based on knowledge of the power of nature.

Writing, in contrast to the language and religion of the Yoruba people, was created only in the 19th century. And only thanks to the missionaries from Europe.

A large number of representatives of the Yoruba people live in the western part of Nigeria. They still keep their traditions and customary way of life. As writing appeared only in the 19th century, the history of the Yoruba origins is difficult to know. Hundreds of years ago they shared information only orally.

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There are too many secrets and questions. But maybe that’s why Yoruba people are still so interesting and mysterious. 


Amazing race, causing both admiration and surprise. I really like their tradition and flavor, as well as attitude to himself and his family. It seems as if there is no longer the world's most cohesive races, wherever you look, everywhere rivalry, but here feels kind of power relationship. Maybe it seems to me, but as for me, only one appearance gives the impression that they keep and honor the traditions are very responsibility does not in any way neglecting the not one of the stages. This is very valuable in today's world, no matter how cool.

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