Who among female Nigerian artists are admired the most in Nigeria?

What are the most admiring Nigerian artists amongst women? Who they are? Read the article to learn every detail.

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Times when Nigerian artists, in particular Nigerian female artists, were considered as rarest amazing exotic, quietly pass, so that, as we truly believe, to finally sink into oblivion. Currently, worldwide there are several talented women artists from Nigeria, which international criticism gladly and proudly acknowledges as the hope of Modern Art.

Perspective on the legend

We will try to give you an example of some Nigerian artists' names, you must have already heard that many critics say "not to know these Nigerian contemporary artists, it is a crime against art".

What topics often are reflected in Nigerian contemporary artists and their works? This question has several answers:

  • differences between the image of women in Europe and Africa;
  • differences between the perception of men and women;
  • the attitude of artists to the European world, and much more, not less profound and philosophical.

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Joana Choumali

Among Nigerian artists painters, Joana serves as a performer in the modern genre. Simply put, she is the photographer. The main theme of her works is the perfection of a body, how it is seen by others. A series of photos of her past was done with the participation of different mannequins that represent the idea of the beauty of African women. Also in her works are presented combining motifs into a whole variety of shapes, colors and other details.

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Namsa Leuba

This woman has complex roots: she is half-Swede, half a native of New Guinea. The main goal of her work is the discovery of the essence of African women through the prism of the western view. In recognition of the woman, the image of the African woman is incredibly inspiring for her. She also works in the genre of photography and always tries to dispel misconceptions and outdated stereotypes in her papers. That is why you can always see the image of a truly modern and vibrant woman, who represents the whole nation in her photographs.

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Jenevieve Aken

Despite the fact that Jenevieve also enjoyed pure photography, she likes to draw her own portraits. An important role in her work is the theme of the existence of a woman, as a representative of a particular sex, in the realities of African society in the modern world. She tries to get away from external stereotypes and many aspects of her work are intended to show not the woman's face, but her essence. That is why in her photographs and portraits she often uses images of women in masks.

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Njideka Akinyuli Crosby

This artist was born in Nigeria; however, reaching the age of majority she left the country and went to America to get an education. Despite the fact that Njideka has a positive attitude to modern art, she prefers the classic technique, which adds something unique, her own. In all, the artist has three distinctive features in the works.

  1. She really likes the comparison subjects of everyday, routine life in the two countries. She often contrasts these subjects.
  2. She also likes to reflect the relationship with her husband in her works, so romantic and family life is also commonplace in her works.
  3. Finally, her technique deserves special mention. Njideka likes to add to the work pieces of different pictures, both as basic elements, and as a decoration. This technique compares favorably with others and is truly inspiring.

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