Who are famous black-and-white photographers in the world?

What issues are often aroused in the works of James Nachtwey? In what countries do the most famous black-and-white photographers live? Read the article to learn interesting facts about them.


Black-and-white was always a popular trend in the world of photography. And who of photo artists was the most famous in this sphere?

Black-and-white photography

  • Becker

For the first time he took camera in hands in 16 years, directly fell in love with the photo and quickly understood that he shall devote it all his life. Now Becker is the famous wedding photographer who works professionally since 1997. To question why he selected wedding photo, he answers that he likes noisy holidays and people in beautiful clothes. The secret of good black and white pictures, in his opinion, is simple: it is necessary to relax and derive pleasure from the events.

Black-and-white photography

  • Annie Leibovitz

Today Annie Leibovitz is one of the most popular photographers in the world. Moreover, many her works are so well-known that they have turned into other quality: they have separated from the identity of the author and begun to lead own life as well-known works of art. Annie Leibovitz was born in 1949 in the USA, in the Connecticut State. Her parents often moved, and later she admitted that it is easy to become photographer if since the early childhood you see the world in ready frame – through a car window.

  • Seth Resnick

This is one of the most acknowledged American photographers. His black and white art is published in the leading editions, and exhibitions gather crowds of the audience. Seth is also one of founders of association of photographers – D-65, the author of courses for professional photographers, art directors, editors of photos and advanced fans. In addition, he also cooperates with Adobe, NEC, Canon, X-Rite, Epson and other companies, participating in creation of products for photographers.

black and white pictures

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  • James Nachtwey

James Nachtwey is American newspaper and military photographer. In 1976, he has begun to work as photographer in staff of the Albuquerque Journal newspaper, and four years later he has moved to New York and became a freelancer. He was engaged in shooting of armed conflicts and social problems, black and white portraits working in the Republic of South Africa, Latin America, at the Middle East, in Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. He worked also on social subjects in the USA and Europe.

  • Sebastiao Salgado

Sebastiao Salgado was born in Brazil, in small provincial town. Since the end of the 1960th years, having got economic education, he worked in the Ministry of Finance of Brazil. In 1970, having appeared as economic adviser in Africa, he was fond of the photo. As a result, in 1973 he has left the ministry and became professional photographer. Sebastiao worked in Sygma and Gamma agencies, and since 1979, he became a member of Magnum Photos photo agency. In 1994, Salgado has created his own agency, Amazonas Images.

black and white art

  • Jasmine Star

For the first time Jasmine Star let known about her having got to top ten wedding photographers of 2009 according to the American Photo magazine. Before that Jasmin studied at law school and didn't think to be engaged in photo. She never studied photo art professionally, but it hasn't prevented her to become an excellent photographer. Jasmine describes her style as 'fresh, young and cheerful'.

  • Dane Sanders

Dane Sanders is a famous photographer, who spread photo art. In 2010, Photo District News magazine called him one of 30 most influential photographers of the last decade. Dane is the author of two books devoted to technologies of photographing and recommendations to amateur photographers. He is also successful lecturer invited as speaker to WPPI, Imaging USA and PhotoPlus Expo. In addition, he conducts his author's seminars in different countries of the world. But it seemed not enough for Dane so he also has based popular annual photographic conference.

black and white portraits

  • Irving Penn

One of the best-known photographers, Irving Penn was born in 1917. In youth, he studied at school of arts, but soon for some reason has given up this occupation and has destroyed all his pictures. Whether the world has lost good artist is unknown, but it can be surely said that it has got a famous photographer. In 1943 on a cover of Vogue his first photo appeared. He didn't love works lacking ideas and invented scenario for everyone, and models turned into actors and played ordered roles. It is no wonder that his many works are exposed in the Museum of Modern Art and in Metropolitan Museum in New York.

  • Mary Ellen Mark

Mary Ellen Mark was born in 1940 in Pennsylvania. She began to photograph in nine years. In 1962, she graduated from University of Pennsylvania majoring in painting and history of arts. Since 1967, she was engaged in photojournalism in New York. Since 1969, she began to work as photographer at shooting stages of movies. Since then Mary Ellen Mark visited shootings of more than one hundred movies, and her black-and-white photos are published already more than 40 years in the most famous magazines of the world devoted to both photo and cinema.

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