Who are the most famous pioneer women in Nigeria? – Top 15

Have you ever wondered who are the pioneer women of Nigeria? What did they do? Let’s have a closer look at these strong and clever women! They mustn’t be forgotten!

Nigerian women

If we talk about women in Nigeria we always remember the president’s wife Aisha Buhari or different female celebrities. But who are the pioneer women? That improved different important fields and industries in Nigeria? Find out right now!

Top 15 pioneer woman in Nigeria:

Floraa Nwapa

1. Flora Nwapa

She is the first female writer in Nigeria. She showed that female authors can be successful too.

2. Ronke Kale

She has become the first female brigadier in Nigeria. It impressed the male world, but nevertheless, she was a real pioneer.

3. Mrs. Stella Obasanjo

This lady was the first Nigerian female to be buried in a special honor. It was a real breakthrough for females in Nigeria.

4. Elfrida Adeho

She became the first woman-professor in Nigeria. It had been considered that ladies are less smart to teach, but Elfrida Adeho managed to change this situation.

Bertha Johnson

5. Dr. Bertha Johnson

She is the first woman-psychiatrist. Bertha Johnson proved that ladies-doctors are not worse and sometimes even better than some male ones.

6. Mrs. Chinyere Onyenaucheye

This lady is truly special. She became the pioneer Nigerian female pilot. This is a difficult job even for men. However, Chinyere proved everything is possible for women.

7. Prof. Grace Alele Williams

Think ladies are not as smart as men? Tell it to the first female vice chancellor in Nigeria, Grace Alele Williams.

8. Mrs. Bisi Ugowe

The First Female Deputy Inspector General of Police.

L. Okunnu

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9. Mrs L. Okunnu

Her strict character and leading skills helped her to get position of the first Nigerian female Deputy Governor.

10. Dr. Doyin Abiola

Previously only men could be chives in the National Newspaper. However, Doyin Abiola changed that. She became the first woman-editor of the popular National Newspaper.

Ransome Kuti

11. Mrs. Olufunmilayo Ransome Kuti

Olufunmilayo Ransome Kuti always loved danger and high speed. But she could never imagine that she would become the first woman to drive the motor car in Nigeria.

12. Dr. Elizabeth Awoniyi Aimbola

This lady was extremely well-educated. She finished the University of Dublin in Ireland. She got the first class honors, including one medal in medicine and also a special distinction in anatomy. She got some extra medical diplomas years after. The perfect knowledge let the lady become the first Nigerian female doctor.

13. Mrs. Wuraola Esan

Do you want to become a senator? Forget about doubts! Follow your dreams like Mrs. Wuraola Esan did. She has become the first woman-senator in Nigeria.

14. Rose Mary Ukeje

Women weren’t allowed to become judges for many years. But this tradition was changed with the coming of Rose Mary Ukeje. A bright-minded daughter of the famous Nigerian judge. She managed to become the first woman-judge in Nigeria.

Margaret Ekpo

15. Mrs. Margaret Ekpo

This lady is known well not for her radical views. This lady showed Nigerian females that they can and must stand for their ideas and views. She became the first Nigerian female political activist.

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