Who flirt most?

who flirt most? guys or girls

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This surveyed more than 12 thousand people from 12 countries - Russia, USA, England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. That's what happened.

31% of Russians admitted that they ever had an affair with a stranger, whom they had met on vacation.

Ahead of tourists from Russia on this indicator only residents of Norway, 33% and Italy 32%. To the question: "How affects you stay on vacation?" – among those who answered that they have increased desire to have sex, the majority were Russians and Norwegians - 24%.

The majority of respondents in all countries said that on vacation and on vacation they become more cheerful, they better relax. Six out of ten of the polled Russians said that travelers feel happier and more positive. Every second considers that leave a positive impact on his health.

Another interesting fact that the sexual desire of the activities mentioned 30% of men and only 19% of women.

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