Who is a honest person?

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An honest man is always truthful and bold. He values friendship, loves and respects his family, friends, acquaintances and even strangers.

An honest man tries to commit such deeds, of which he need be ashamed, who would have to hide from their parents and friends. It would be a sham, and it teaches people to lie and be a coward, afraid of being exposed. So really an honest man trying to do to him then was nothing to regret, nothing to regret, not to blame. If we want to grow up honest people, should commit such acts, which can always tell your friends to make them happy.

An honest man and he is able to rejoice in the good fortune of his friends, because he's never jealous. If someone has a new bike, a soccer ball, scooter, or my parents bought him a computer, it's very good! So, the yard will be even better. But if this bike, or a ball, or another thing what you got, great too! Because now you can share with your friends and play together.

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