Who is a new African woman in African woman art

Art is the reflection of our life. At times it provides a truer picture. In African woman art has been rising with many amazing artworks created by women and about women. Take a look at them now.

There are many important questions to ask in life. One of them is: who is an African woman? Why is it so important? Because women do make a difference. Over the last decades they have proved their talents and abilities to awesomely perform in all the areas of life, including science, business, IT, politics, literature, art, etc.  

woman African art

Being provided with the education and opportunity to earn their way through, women have changed the world through the phenomena called “the girl effect”. Now, art has been a hard nut for African ladies, as well as for those coming from Europe or America. Let us try and understand the role of the modern African woman through African woman art.

woman in african artWomen in African art

Presently almost in all the countries of the world women suffer from injustice and gender inequality. The art in Africa is a very indicial area of social activity. How many female artists do you know?

Could you give a list of ten top African famous female artists out of your head? Right. There are not many of them, but those who got the fame and acknowledgment, do create amazing pieces of art.

Now, for centuries women have been the objects of African art. Female bodies have been decorated with “make up” or painted. Presently you can find many striking images of African art with females on them. They impress and evoke strong emotions.

Still for a very long while women of Africa were not allowed into the “serious” art projects. Men could not believe those are capable of creating masterpieces and becoming full time artists. For decades African women could only use little art or traditional african art to decorate their homes and produce cute and nice things for sale or for personal use.

There was no such thing as their contribution to the world’s art heritage or creating new ideas, concepts and projects. African paintings on canvas are the only kind of art expected of those ladies and used as the wall art only.

african artwork womenThe change of tides

However, in the 90s of the last century the tides have changed. A new pleiad of african female artists have emerged. You might have heard such names as Jane Alexander, Ghada Amer and Sue Williamson from South Africa, as well as Sokari Douglas Camp from Nigeria.

That was the first shot in the battle for female equality in arts and in life, too. African culture is changing. Women obtain new rights and opportunities to manifest the long hidden talents and power.

These white and black African women produce paintings and installations, as well as other forms of the modern African art. They carry through some radical ideas and depict current situation and position of a woman on the African continent.

womeni n African artworkThey use new and amazing techniques to embody their concepts and embark on a journey of passion, strength and creativity.

Women in African artwork are no longer presented as sexual objects or child carers only. They personify intelligence combined with beauty, strife combined with vulnerability, wisdom combined with youth.

For years African women have been either the unpaid workforce, or the objects – a sexual object or the object of pity. They have been discussed by charities and considered as ones incapable of anything worth talking. The tides keep on changing. African women got access to education, childbirth control, self-support, art, money and human rights innate to men.

modern african art womenThey become famous writers and scientists, they get on TV and own broadcasting companies. They get into the industry and possess oil factories. They trade and obtain millions of dollars in profit. They have shown themselves as excellent managers and entrepreneurs.

So, who is this new African woman?

She can be described as the awakening power. She just stirs and realizes the gifts she has been richly endowed with. She comprehends the influence she can have on her life, her destiny, her children and her husband, as well as on her society, her country and the world.

She becomes more socially active and boosts the sense of her self-worth. She understands that beautiful body is not the solo gift she has for this world and accepts the challenge of independence.

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African art works like a prophesy predicting the emergence of a new African woman. She would not be perfect, but her coming and the benefits she brings along are inevitable and good. 


Who is the artist responsible for the women with the yellow headwrap?

Answered 1 year ago.

Gorgeous work and amazing girl. Impressive new directions in art and the desire to draw attention to African culture. Using such techniques, it is possible to improve the view of the people of Africa, finally understand that they are not slaves. Such work should be hanging in the Louvre, and to please us every day. And the girls are worthy of the podium and respect. Art -uniqueness way to reach the hearts of wealthy citizens and to enable them to understand that Africa needs help and we need it.

Answered 2 years ago.

I like African culture despite it has lot of differences from European: lots of colors, sunshine and another view of the world. Women in African art and other spheres of life have some problems to become famous. Social life in Africa still has some lag compared to European style of life. But I think Europe can find some interesting and useful things in African culture and art. African people are very often kind, calm and cheerful.

Of course, African art develops, too. Pictures of African artists are very cute and alive.

Answered 2 years ago.
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