Who is Linda Ikeji? – Is she the top blogger in Nigeria?

Is there someone who does not know who Linda Ikeji is? This famous Nigerian blogger has stirred minds of people. Learn her biography.

Linda Ikeji is a popular Nigerian blogger and former model. She is famous for her gossips, which she posts in her blog. It is about well-known stars. Each day millions of people visit this blog. Do you want to learn more about this scandalous girl? Let's do it!

Linda Ikeji news

Linda Ikeji biography

Ikeji was born in Imo State. Parents of the girl were Catholics.

Linda Ikeji biography

At early age, the Linda was fond of different news and tried to write. Later she has entered the university where she learned English. During training at university, the girl tied herself at many works. These were: waitress, model, bartender and others. She also tried to write for several magazines. In 2004, she begun career in model business. The girl was not only model, but also operated her own agency. In addition, she had the blog, in which different gossips about stars were collected. In 2006, it reached great popularity. In 2014, this website became one of the most visited in Nigeria. However, the same year Google closed it. Linda was accused in plagiarism. In spite of this, the girl hasn't given up. Admirers have supported her. Now the website works again.

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How old is Linda Iikeji?

The girl was born on the 19th of September, in 1980. Now she is 35 years old.

how old is Linda Ikeji

Is Linda Ikeji Married?

Now Linda isn't married. However, there were rumors few months ago that the woman plans a wedding. She is going to marry her boyfriend whom they are dating from last year. According to the latest news, the modest wedding is planned in 2016 in the countryside.

Linda Ikeji family

Linda Ikeji vs Wizkid war

Now Linda is involved in new scandal, which is also caused by her blog. Now she has seriously quarreled with the famous musician Wizkid. Once they were friends, but now they became enemies. Quarrel has begun because the woman has placed news about the musician in her blog. She told that Wizkid has a child from the girl who lives in the USA. The journalist called him deadbeat dad. It has infuriated the musician. In reply, he called her old bitch. In Instagram of the former model, it is possible to see his angry comments. He has also reproached her that she was in very close relations with him. But the blogger reported that she has never had a close contact with celebrities. The woman prefers to avoid them.

Linda Ikeji and wizkid

Further the woman begun to write amusing and strange details of their relations. According to blogger's words, the musician was in love with her, but was refused.

Most likely, this is not the latest news about star scandal. We will watch further gossips from these celebrities. Keep track of us!


The first time I see a blogger a woman, although if you look, so she still can find news and gossip than a man, certainly well done, because working blogger, is also very difficult, it constantly need to look for what is news, update them every day, that would be subscribers and readers, that is all you get bored, and it will also be interesting to read on her news. I would not have been able to work. Very interesting to read what she writes, it is necessary to go to her page. I will now follow the news, I was very interested in it.

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