Who is the dancing millionaire? – Meet the new YouTube star!

Why this millionaire got on YouTube with his funny dancing? Learn what he is up to now.

 Gianluca Vacchi

This man is not young, but he is rich and good looking. What does he do with his life? He just enjoys it and wants to teach others to do the same. Here is the only dancing millionaire, who has won people’s affections on YouTube!

Who is Gianluca Vacchi, the dancing millionaire?

The man is 49. He is Italian and comes from a rich family. Gianluca got a good education in the area of finances. And he owns a successful company called SEA Societa Europea Autocaravan SpA. As you may see, the dude loves SPA. He’s got a gorgeous suntan and many tattoos.

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 Gianluca Vacchi millioner

Being a senior, he looks very fit and hot. His brother is directing the family business, but Gianluca enjoys the life to the fullest. He has many young and sexy lovers and some of them are 25 years younger than himself.

He loves music and dancing and gives himself over to it with the hot Gabriella. He thinks that enjoyment is the sense of life and shares this idea with others.

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