Why are Nigerian women special?

It is not fair to say that women from one country are better than the other. However, Nigerian men believe that their Nigerian women are the best in many aspects. What makes them special? Here is what we found about it.

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Maybe that sounds unfair to you, but not all women are the same, as some men believe, just as well as not all men are the same. Women coming from different cultural and social backgrounds differ in their personal beliefs, attitude to life, perspectives on family and love as well as ambitions and dreams. In the course of talking to men in Nigeria, journalists came to a conclusion that these men adore their Nigerian women and would not trade an opportunity to marry this woman for anything else.

The journalists got interested in this phenomenon and started an investigation on what makes Nigerian women so good. They decided to look at them from different points including their way of thinking, dating preferences, habits, and attitude to life as well as perspectives on hobbies and lifestyle activities. And here is what they got at the end of this investigation.

Nigerian men believe that dating and marrying a Nigerian woman is always better than a lady coming from a different background for a number of reasons. The first reason is that Nigerian women are quite smart. They know their place and never try to hurt man’s feelings by taking his seat in the family. Nigerian women know everything about men and use this information wisely in order to get what they want without making the man feel offended or controlled.

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Usually, Nigerian women are very smart when it comes to finding the best solution in a tricky situation. No matter how bad the situation is, she will make it through it using her intuition and genuine charm that always helps, especially when the solution involves men and dealing with them. In many cases Nigerian women can be the leaders of the corporations and family businesses; they do not overtake the power from their husband’s hands, but she will help him find the better solutions and will guide him from behind. She will stand for her husband as his best fan, and it is this attitude that makes her husband trust her and share the power over things.

Another reason why Nigerian men want only to date and then marry Nigerian women is because Nigerian women know what’s what in cooking. They can make something truly special out of absolutely regular products they have in their house. Nigerian men have no reasons to worry about what they will eat after they come home, as they know their wives are great cooks. Nigeria is a country with a patriarchal family system, where the roles of a man and a woman are known and followed. That is why Nigerian women have nothing against cooking even of the work and support their children.

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Nigerian women are the best, as they believe that “a way to man’s heart is through his stomach.” And it truly is so. Have you ever seen a man who does not like to eat nice food? I have not; and that is why Nigerian women in their attempt to keep their men fed up and happy are the best companions for life. Besides, Nigerian women take this responsibility very seriously: every mother teaches her daughter how to cook almost from the day she was born for a child to be able to surprise her husband and her family with yummy meals every day.

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The next thing that makes Nigerian women the best ones for Nigerian men is their readiness to follow their husbands. Even though they are known to be unyielding personalities, they are still ready to support their husbands and be their fans. Nigerian women are the best ones to marry as they know everything about the family the way God wanted it to be for all the people in it to be happy and satisfied. That is why being submissive to her husband is not a big deal for her. Sure, they sometimes struggle for the power with their spouse, just like all the other women around the globe, but at the end of the day, they know that the last word in their family belongs to their husbands.

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Nevertheless, it is often not easy for a spouse of a Nigerian woman to argue with her. She will not let him win with cunning words; she will demand an explanation. Nigerian women are quite talkative and especially when it comes to proving them right, they will not let you say a word. They will go on and on and on explaining that you are wrong. It is even quite fun to see that: not in many other cultures, women are like this. And this talkativeness can also be her greatest advantage, as it makes her a good friend and an initiator.

The next thing you should pay attention to in a Nigerian woman is that take the way they look very seriously. If you have a look at the Nigerian woman’s attire, you will notice that it consists of numerous details harmonically united in her image. They take their time when putting on make-up, as they always strive to look flawless. A part of a Nigerian culture is that whenever a woman comes from a  wealthy family, you can tell that from the way she is dressed.

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Wherever she goes, she will not leave the house until she looks gorgeous in her new attire. Sometimes in the view of this, dating a Nigerian woman can be a tricky business, as she will be constantly late. You will love the way she looks every time you two go on a date, but she will spend hours in front of the mirror choosing clothes, finding perfect jewelry for it and putting on make-up that fits her general outfit. Nigerian women spare no expense when it comes to clothes, cosmetics, and jewelry.

Moreover, Nigerian women stand out in their perspective on sex in marriage. It is commonly believed in the western world that sex is the pleasure for a man but a burden for a woman. It Is not so with the Nigerian women. They know that as soon as they got married to a man, it is their responsibility to keep him satisfied in this area. This sphere of a married life is discussed with the young lady and her parents, as they want her to get a full understanding of what being a wife really means. And being a wife is not only about being a good cook, and a companion; it is also about being there for her husband.

Speaking about Nigerian women’s sexuality, they do their best to stay attractive to their spouses. In most cases, you won’t see a Nigerian woman wearing old worn-out clothes at home or pants that don’t fit. She will take her time to think of what to wear at home in front of her husband in order to be desired and attractive for him.

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It comes from the Bible that a wife’s body no longer belongs to her but her husband whenever he wishes. A man cannot use his wife, but is to be kind and caring. Nevertheless, it is wife’s responsibility to answer husband’s desires every time and even initiate sex herself. This idea is quite unusual for women from the West, as they claim to be independent and often see this duty as a burden. Meanwhile, Nigerian women know that God created marriage in such a way that sex is a clue between spouses, and it can make both of them happy and satisfied.

This is what you should know about a life of a Nigerian woman and things that make her special and unique in the eyes of Nigerian men. Sure women can be different, but this is a generalized image of a woman born and raised in the Nigerian culture with her perspectives and attitude to different things. Look at this list and admit that Nigerian women are best ones to the first date and then marry.

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