Why did not Dede One Day finish up building his house in Owerri? – See the photos now

Dede One Day inspired many people. Take a look at the house it did not finish building.

It's very difficult to find anyone, who's not heard about famous Dede One Day. Sad reports about death of such outstanding man have stricken the whole Nollywood. What is left after his departure? Let’s find it out.

Why did not Dede One Day finish up building

According to recent news, Dede didn't manage to finish the building in Owerri. It looks like kind of fate’s twist, as there has been very little to do left.

It's impossible to accept, because just several months ago, this prominent man could dream and make plans as we still do. One of the initiatives was his house, but the cruel destiny changed everything. It shows that we come to this world having nothing, and then we leave it absolutely the same.

Dede One Day house in Owerri

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Nevertheless, the world will remember Dede One Day as a really prominent Nollywood actor, who made people enjoy and laugh at his movies, and as kind and wonderful man in general. We must live our lives the same to let people save good and positive memories about us, when we're gone.

building Dede One Day

So, we hope, Dede will rest in peace. His fans will never forget that great comedian. And even his sudden death cannot prevent us from loving him.

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