Why do African tribes stretch their lips?

The African tribes are as diverse as the land through which they wandered for millennia. Although the culture in the "Black Continent" is developing rapidly, the wild tribes still have a huge impact. In recent times the boundaries between the different tribes gradually disappear. But still, for all Africans belonging to his tribe is a great honor and they don't hurry to separate from the traditions and customs of their ancestors. Why do African tribes stretch their lips? Read here!

stretching lips

Stretching of lips appeared in the ancient times. Especially, lower lip has the main popularity. Nowadays here are tribes who follow their old traditions and take it quite seriously and with enormous respect. There are such tribes as the Suya (Brazil), Botocudos (Brazil), Sara (Africa), Mursi (Africa), Lobi, etc. They stretch their lips almost from infancy until old age, so their lips can reach enormous sizes.

The tribe Mursi 

Mursi is one of the last tribes of Africa, which is considered the norm for women to wear the clay or wooden disc in the lower lip.

mursi tribe

What tribes use to stretch lips?

Plate for lips is surface lip piercing or the decoration for women. This modification is obtained by stretching rupture skin and muscle tissues of the mouth, including using tunnels or plugs.

african woman

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The size of lips

Lips will be pulling almost indefinitely, as the lips are very different from the other tissues of the body. They are capable of stretching. The diameter of the holes in the lips can reach 400 mm and more. Also, the lips save their sensitivity even with the massive size.

the size of lips

When and why Africans stretch lips?

Stretching lips is one of the most important rituals of a wedding ceremony.  
When a girl reaches age 15 or 16 years old, it means that she is ready to be the real woman. Therefore, the old African woman made her the incision on the lower lip and knocked out two front teeth, so they didn't hit on the plate. During the time she inserts girl a small plate. Over the years, the sizes of the plate increase, while the lip is stretched. According to the old tradition, the larger plate can carry a woman; the greater will be the amount of the redemption at the wedding. Women may not do this, but then she'll lose respect in the eyes of others. But, as bigger the plate, as women are more appreciated among men.


How they do this?

There isn't any sterile condition and antiseptic medicaments during this process. They don't need it. Do you want to know why? They have since childhood a healthy immune system which protects them from any infection. Bumps on the skin are healed larvae of various insects. They are gradually introducing under the skin, where they live and grow, while the body doesn't seal them forever. Each scar is underdog tropical disease. This procedure will help African women to stretch their lips more safely. 
When the lip is cracked, torn and bleeding, they coated it with special healing potions. At the rupture site grow new, stronger muscle fibers and connective tissue.

stretching lips

Want to get married, stretch your lips

If African women don’t have a whole in her lip, therefore it is considered that she isn’t ready for the wedding. The women decide independently when she is sufficiently prepared for family life. They express the desires of stretching the lip with participate in the competition on the stock exchange of brides. The most persistent try to do their lips as big as possible. The cost of a bride is determined with the length of the lower lip, its thickness, density, and mobility.
Sometimes Africans women stretch both lips. But even the bravest woman seldom agrees with such possibility. Therefore, she`ll lose a capacity of eating. 
When the lip becomes large size, the woman loses the ability of speech and mimicry. 
Africans woman rarely smile. A smile is a facial action that draws the lower lip to the face and visually reduces it.


Woman`s stretched lips – a subject of pride of their husbands

The good wife is a great value for a warrior. The size of wife`s labial plates it is immediately possible to determine how rich man is.  A married African woman never leaves the house without a labial disc. Disk indicates that the woman is married. A free woman can go without it.


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