Why do we study literature – 10 out-of-the-box reasons for Nigerians

Find the 10 best reasons to study literature and grow. It helps you to grow, develop and dream.

Some of us study literature just because they have been told to do so in school. However, this art has the real power to change lives, if you only know how to use it and study it for the right reasons. Here are 10 top why do we study literature that would help you enrich your life and pick the books or any other kind of literature to add value to it.

why study literature

Now, literature is all about language. It is spoken or written expression of thoughts and ideas. Now, what is language? There are many definitions out there, but this one would help us better understand the purpose of studying prose and poetry: “System of communication used by a particular community or country” (English Terms Dictionary).

Basically, the more languages we speak, the more we can know and the more new concepts we acquire.  Plus, it enables us to tap into human experience and get bonded with people, understand them. Even the language by itself can teach us many valuable lessons, let alone the literature. Let’s take a closer look at it and get our top reasons on why and how to study literature.

Why do we study literature: 

  1. Communication improvement

    better communication tipsCommunication is not really about the grammar or verbalization. It’s about how we use words and grammar to express ourselves. Remember out definition of language? “Particular community” – even people within one country, but from different communities may be using the same words for different concepts.

    If you talk to younger generation and ask them to show you their SMS letters, you would most likely never decode them. They use words and abbreviations to express themselves and even to write the love letters. What it means is that culture and background greatly impacts our communication methods. If we read literature and hear people from other countries or communities express themselves, we better our communication skills.

    We grow our ability to understand others and get our ideas across to them. That is very important as our whole world is all about effective communication.
  2. Entertainment

    reading for entertainmentOf course, we all want to have some fun. Why not? Presently people have tons of amusement options: TV, smartphones, iPads, internet, radio, you just name it. And still reading and literature takes unique place in it all. We keep on reading stuff on Internet. It entertains us.

    If we only take time to teach ourselves to read properly, we could grow even from fun.

    When you read, you should not just sit and put the words together using letters. That’s not fun. The fun is turning your imagination on and teaching the consciousness to create pictures and images (maybe even our own brain videos) of what we read about.
  3. Better lovers

    why study literatureLots of books and poems touch on love. They do not just give us an idea how to impress a girl and hook her up. Love books educate our sentiment and teach us how to love better.

    They make turn us into more sophisticated lovers, so we do not have to try and fathom out how to attract a chick anymore.

    When you become a good lover you create the byproduct of being attractive to the opposite gender.
  4. Better professionals

    become a better professionalLanguage is the essential part of any business process. Proper communication skills can bring you good money, while poor ones can cost you much money. If you can clearly express yourself and make sure that those you talk to share your concepts and your language, you can succeed in business. Plus, your communication makes you more pleasant for other people. They like you better and they become more open to do business with you.
  5. Better public speakers

    martin luther king jrOf course proper grammar is essential for those, wishing to become orators. It concerns English language or any other language you may speak. The rule of the thumb is this: what you read is how you speak.

    Here is what it means: when you read the books and authors using proper grammar and beautiful language, you resemble them in your own speech. And, the other way around. Unfortunately that works, too. So, if you wish to be real good or even brilliant at public speaking, read great author. The good thing is you read and learn at the same time. No extra effort is needed.
  6. Knowledge

    get book knowledgeOf old books have been the major source of knowledge for people. Even God chose to pass on His knowledge to humanity through the book.

    Today people craft videos and other learning materials, but none of them can fully replace literature. Books do make you wise, if you undertake the task of becoming their student.
  7. Imagination

    develop your imaginationThis is the KEY part in studying literature. If you lack this element, reading would never become engaging for you. People who love it the most are the ones with well-developed imagination. When they read, they watch that movie in their heads and it does not cost them a dime! It works much better than Hollywood or Nollywood, because your imagination creates your own interpretation and screen play of the book.

    You get in control and you become the one, who decides which parts to remember and which to forget or keep in your movie! Reading and studying literature can actually help you develop your imagination and take it to the next level. Readers are the most imaginative folks, next best to writers.
  8. Sharing experience

    why love literatureExperience is a language all by itself. It has the power to connect and bind people. Even those speaking different languages can share the same experience and gain deeper understanding of each other. That is why you can read a book written by someone from another corner of the planet and say: he must have read my mind! Reading is the cheapest way of traveling and gaining new experience!
  9. Self-expression

    art of self expressionLiterature is someone sharing their inside world. You get the rare chance to really look inside the person and know they are not that different from you. Or, on the contrary, they seem like aliens to you. It is a magnificent experience, that let you understand better one key person on this earth – YOU.

    Once you meet that stranger and learn how to interpret your own feelings and thoughts, you can become more capable of expressing yourself in a better way. You give the world more and you get back more.
  10. Language development

    language development literatureIf you wish to become a writer or you want to learn the proper language (your native or foreign) - study literature. It’s the most affordable DIY method.

    You learn new words and grammar, you get new concepts and ideas.

    You become the student of the greatest minds of our epoch and the ages long gone. What an amazing opportunity! And it costs you almost nothing you can find many great books online for free.

Visit Project Gutenberg  – the free library of classics. You can read online or download many awesome pieces of literature there. So, why do we study literature? We all have our reasons to do so. These 10 are a bit out-of-box and unusually, but they are valuable and have the potential of improving your life and taking you to the next level. 


To begin with, think what, do we need literature? She can

to give a person?

If we consider literature from the point of view of the information contained in it,

then she's probably of little use. Often the literature contains information about

people's lives in the past. Read the story and you get so much more

accurate, diverse and relatively reliable information. Literature

describes the relationships between people. Read psychology books and you

get more accurate, more reasonable descriptions of various aspects

human relationships. In literature no advantage over science in

the transfer of useful information, i.e. information that can

be useful in life. But there are such types of literature like poems and stories,

which do not contain any useful information.

Answered 1 year ago.

I, as a teacher of Foreign Literature, have to admit that even today, at the age of high technologies, we should not and just can not forget vabout books. They help us everywhere. The proverb says that the person, who reads a lot - knows a lot. Boks help us to solve the greatest problems in our lives, at least they contain lots of useful advices, so the person, who have read a lot, knows for sure what he should or should not do in any difficult period of his life. Also they help to develop our imagination, because, to my mind, its much more interesting to read a book and imagine whole the story by yourself, then to see the ideas of other people about this book on TV.

Answered 2 years ago.

I believe, study of literature is necessary. This greatly helps increase vocabulary and general literacy - reading lot of classics in good edition, people unconsciously learn new words and how are written. Also, thoughtful study of literary work leads better understanding of human psychology. Studying folklore of a country, it is easy learn culture of another country, become enlightened in many spheres of life. Also, learn something new from works, develop themselves as person and grow spiritually.

Answered 2 years ago.
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