Why does the river in Achina Aguata Anambra make women mad during menstruation?

Nigerian river makes women mad during menstruation. How is it possible? Why it does not work on men? How to get rid of this curse? Check the most shocking information here!

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There is a special spiritual Ezeokoro Deity-Controlled Stream, which is situated in Achina village, Anambra State Aguata LGA. There ladies go mad during their menstruation. This is a very mystery place.

Menstruating woman cannot go out there to bring water because so power will certainly strike her with madness. Achina residents rely on the authorities to come to help them with a water shortage in the area. One of the local, whose name is Mrs. Oriental Ibekwe has told some stories that are ectremely revealing.

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She said that fetching water from this weird stream was not easy at all, but some white people managed to construct the steps for them. But unfortunately, they are wearing away very fast. All mature people find it very difficult to climb those steps.

She also added that the special stream is divided into female and male. It happened because there are some rules based on the traditions and also customs guiding it. The male section has very strict, unusual traditions guiding it.

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In the old days to the present time, men take Achina Ozo chief title, and they have a special respect for it. It is a strict taboo for women in the menstrual period (doesn’t mean menstruation cycle) to go somewhere near him. Because of this, such a lady is totally forbidden to go to the man's part a flow to get water. In fact, women are usually not allowed to go there. Any lady, who breaks tradition, is expected to perform some traditional rituals for purification or she will be barren all her life.

Also those who have menopause risk losing their sanity as an alternative punishment. Such violations, if they do not make redemption, prevent her to fulfill her destiny as a lady. She will consult religious leaders to the special deity in charge of the water, who should tell her what she will bring to cleanse herself. She must be washed.

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Mrs. Ibekwe, who gave evidence of the victim's eyewitness (name is withheld) told that, when people refused to go on redemption according to some religious reasons, their troubles were doubled. She told if she disagreed to act in line with their tradition, maybe on some religious grounds, the thing (means water spirits) would be disturbing her all the time. And so, she may eventually go crazy. She mentioned that it had happened a lot of times. So once someone breaks the rules, he must bear very severe consequences.

When at about 1:00 p.m the Oriental News came to the stream, Miss Chinyere Ezeonuogu was waiting for a male person to come and help her to get water from the male section. She explained to Oriental News that she was waiting there for 2 hours and was ready to go back without water, if no one came to help her. Then a woman pleaded the reporter to help her to get water. She told that she had been sitting on those steps for more than 2 hours waiting for any man to help her and get water from their male section. The reason is that female section is not clean enough and not safe for drinking at all.

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Chinyere told that women did not visit the male section of the stream at all. The reason is that they are forbidden to get water from there. Previously it was said that any lady who violates that rule would become barren. However, men can take water from the female section with no bans. But if you are a woman, you can take your brother with you and he can fetch while you are waiting at the base of the steps, or you can wait as long as you have patience until a man or a little boy comes around to fetch.

They found it very difficult to fetch water there. Sometimes they even have to fight their way through. Also there is some kind of wrestling ground. Some people even settle some of their scores here.

Often after such a failure, there could be pieces of broken gallons. You know, while trying to get access to water, heavy fighting may occur. If after waiting for very long without any male person to get it for lady, a woman just goes home and comes back the next day.

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Once again, this is extremely intense delivery of water from this stream. It is their job every day. People feel sleepy and weak after climbing these long steps. Everyone would feel extremely weak, because all of the muscles and bones can be worn out long climb steps.

Ezeoba Dom Chuks Nwosu, a community leader, also told about some details. He added that Ezeokoro stream is still the only water source for the people of Achina. It is very clear and tasty to drink. That's why during the late colonial era a group from States, which is called Operation Crossroads Africa, visited this stream, and then built a very long staircase numbering 245, to help easy movement down this valley.

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Citizens from other villages also visit this place to fetch the water. One professor from the University of Nigeria used to go there from Enugu State just to fetch the water. Can you believe that? He came with a lot of gallons. Also a commander of the Nigerian Navy came there last Christmas with his whole family. He came to the stream and the first thing he met on his way was a group students fighting nearby. He came there with a huge 40-litre container and transferred the water to Port Harcourt for analysis. He was really shocked that this water was very pure. He told that water was the best, the most delicious spring water he had ever met.

Ezeoba told that the separation of water into two sections was certainly based on the culture of Achina people, designed for accommodation of women who are the weaker sex, because they would not be able to compete for a limited supply of water. However, he agreed that some victims suffered from these customs.

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Since time immemorial, this area has been observed to protect women. They knew that women are just weaker. Thus, in order to protect women, they have ensured that one part of the stream has been preserved for the exclusive use of ladies, and the other one is for the exclusive use of men. It was in order to ensure compliance, which they attributed to that order, because if they allowed men and women to fight for the limited supply of the water, the woman could not take it at all. He tried to explain everything in details.

He was asked about the repercussions if a lady goes to the male section, he answered that there would be some sanctions. Her girlfriends should go to her to gather some provided findings and ask her to make some needed sacrifices. And also if the woman has menstruation, she is forbidden to go there at all, in order not to let her spoil the perfect spring water. People shouldn’t wash clothes there too.

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If she violates the order, she runs crazy. Some spirits of the stream may affect her, and people will notice it and say that she is crazy because she violated the stream’s order. It is a spiritual aspect, so you cannot explain it in words. This situation has happened a few times. A lot of terrible things can happen to a woman who has decided to violate this rule. That is the moment when spirituality begins working.

So a cross section of the Achina community citizens who had a conversation with Oriental News pleaded with the authorities to come to help them as the scarcity of water in this region has made plenty of difficulties for people.

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They also want the authorities to change the stream into a tourist site showing its natural landscape and serenity.

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