Why don’t Ugandan girls wear panties?

Many women in the world do not wear panties. There are various reasons for such an attitude to fashion. However, there is a question that has been recently asked for many times. Why don’t Ugandan girls wear panties? Read the article to get the answer.

The notorious anti-pornography law that has been recently adopted by the government of Uganda does not prevent women from not wearing underwear. Thousands of Ugandan ladies prefer to walk without panties every day.

For example, permanent club-goers report that the majority of young ladies dress very openly so that everyone can see all their beauties. They often leave very little for mind's eye. In the most cases women in Uganda never wear panties.

A woman without panties

So, many people ask why Ugandan girls do not wear panties. Let us try to figure it out.

Women desire not show their panty lines

This is a simple reason why Ugandan ladies refuse to wear underlinen. There is not anything discomforting for a girl than the outline of her panties demonstrated in public. Ugandan girls would better never use underwear than to show their panty lines.

Women desire not show their panty lines

Girls do not have the enough amounts of panties

Statistics claims that an average girl in Uganda has only six pairs of underlinen. If they kept up changing panties every day, thus, many of them choose to go without panties. Therefore, the considerable part of observers declares that this is the key reason of why Ugandan women never wear panties.

Girls do not have the enough amounts of panties

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Ventilation reason

Do not think that it is nonsense. Many girls in the world do not wear panties so that fresh air can circulate between their legs. And in this case Ugandan ladies are not the exception. Because of the impossible hot weather in the country, there is plenty of sweating. Therefore, the ventilation reason of why not to wear underlinen seems to be quite sensible.

Ventilation reason

Quick sex reason

It is not a secret that many modern woman visit clubs to find a partner for one-off sex. Thus, the absence of panties quickens this process incredibly. In this case, a woman can have several partners during one party night.

Quick sex reason for not wearing panties

Worldwide trend

Young ladies in Uganda always follow various fashionable worldwide trends. Thus, if French or Italian girls made up their minds to refuse wearing any panties, Ugandan ladies immediately support them. This worldwide trend has already deeply rooted in Ugandan girls` minds, allowing them feeling much more independent and beautiful, of course.

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